RealXperts: The Four Secrets To Creating Income In Your Real Estate Career

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Want to learn how to achieve your income goals with specific, actionable steps? Industry expert Steve Strickholm breaks it all down for you in this webinar recording. You'll learn the step-by-step secrets for reliable real estate income and see how tens of thousands of successful professionals have incorporated these habits into their daily routine.


Presenter: Steve Strickholm

Steve Strickholm is the founder and president of KDNA Full Throttle Coaching and KDNA Income and Goal Tracking Software. Over the past 10 years, Steve and his team have worked with over 50,000 agents to help them achieve their income goals in real estate. Their software is a top solution in real estate—and combined with Kaplan Full Throttle Coaching workbooks and videos, they provide a uniquely powerful solution to agents in the industry.

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could sit down with a room full of successful real estate professionals and ask them for career advice?

We asked several accomplished real estate professionals what they wish they knew before they earned their license and started their career, and what they thought all aspiring real estate professionals should know. We put all of their advice into a value-packed eBook.


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