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Kaplan Real Estate Education has helped thousands of students to build a foundation for a successful career in real estate. Now, we're bringing our industry experts to you in our FREE RealXperts live webinar series. Our RealXperts have been in the field for years as professionals and know first-hand the ins and outs of a career in real estate. RealXperts empower you to strengthen your skills and have a tangible impact on the real estate industry.

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Creating Profitable Results via Time ManagementRealXperts: 2023 Crystal Ball

Take charge of your real estate career in 2023 with expert advice from Aimee Hanson. Aimee will show you what it takes to be successful in the ever-changing landscape of 2023. You'll get a glimpse at changing market conditions, the factors impacting today's market, and where to keep your energy focused for best results in the new year.


Creating Profitable Results via Time ManagementRealXperts: Inspiring Results via Embracing Change

 How can you make better decisions, especially during times of change and uncertainty? In this webinar, our returning expert, Adam Hergenrother, shares his philosophy for building a successful real estate business and life—one decision at a time.


Creating Profitable Results via Time ManagementRealXperts: Turning Your Passion into Results

Passion is the fuel that drives people toward their goals, no matter how difficult they may be. It inspires loyalty, teamwork, hard work—and ultimately, results. In this webinar, Michael Aharoni will help you turn your passion for real estate into a driver for personal success.


Creating Profitable Results via Time ManagementRealXperts: The Four Secrets to Creating Income in Your Real Estate Career

Want to learn how to achieve your income goals with specific, actionable steps? Industry expert Steve Strickholm breaks it all down for you in this webinar recording. You'll learn the step-by-step secrets for reliable real estate income and see how tens of thousands of successful professionals have incorporated these habits into their daily routine.


Creating Profitable Results via Time ManagementRealXperts: Lead Generation & Conversion Through Social Media on a Budget: Best Practices

What do the top producers and real estate teams do to generate more leads through Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok? In this webinar, you'll learn from expert Art Valenzuela that the key is both lead conversion and the best practices to convert more leads into sales. Watch now and elevate your business to a higher level.


Creating Profitable Results via Time ManagementRealXperts: Creating Profitable Results via Time Management

Ready to optimize your efforts every day, so you can focus on the highest and best use of your time? Watch this compelling webinar that discusses the best approaches to overcome distractions and effectively manage your time.


Creating a Marketing PlanRealXperts: The Power of Question-Based Selling

Leverage the power of asking effective questions that will set your client meetings up for success! Learn question-based selling while listening translates to power in selling confidently and getting results.


Creating a Marketing PlanRealXperts: Accelerate Your Career: By Creating a Business Plan

In order to advance in your real estate career, a solid business plan is critical. In this webinar, you'll learn the key elements of a plan that can help create a successful salesperson and business. 


Creating a Marketing PlanRealXperts: Accelerate Your Career: By Creating a Marketing Plan

New to real estate? A sage practitioner? No matter where you are in your real estate career, this recorded webinar will show you the keys to a solid marketing plan. Learn how to hone your niche, develop a professional profile, optimize your online marketing, and more. 


The Affordable Housing CrusadeRealXperts: Accelerate Your Career: By Creating an Income Plan

Having specific Income Producing Goals is key to your success in real estate. Learn what actually creates income in real estate, including specific activities directly within your control.


Essential Tax TipsRealXperts: Essential Tax Tips for Real Estate Professionals

Real estate professionals’ concerns are many; taxes being one of them. Discover the top three mistakes real estate professionals make regarding taxes, your tax benefits compared to other professions, and essential resources to make your life easier.


The Affordable Housing CrusadeRealXperts: Accelerate Your Career: By Creating an Income Plan

Having specific Income Producing Goals is key to your success in real estate. Learn what actually creates income in real estate, including specific activities directly within your control.


The Affordable Housing CrusadeRealXperts: Cornerstone Competencies & Actions for Real Estate Professionals

Are you ready to construct a successful base to expand your real estate business in 2022? This exhilarating webinar focuses on identifying and honing the competencies and actions you need to build your business.


The Affordable Housing CrusadeRealXperts: 2022 Crystal Ball

Kick off the new year right with our popular expert, Aimee Hanson. She brings with her 30 years of savvy real estate sales knowledge, sharing insights into being successful in the new landscape of 2022. Reflecting on changing buyer and seller attitudes and preferences, you’ll get a glimpse into where to keep your energy focused for the best results in the new year.


The Affordable Housing CrusadeRealXperts: Become The CEO of Your Life and Create A Growth Plan for 2022

Watch our returning expert, Adam Hergenrother, as he shares his philosophy for constructing a foundation for his—and ultimately your—real estate business success. From overall strategy to specific steps, you’ll learn from an industry pioneer how it can be achieved. End your 2021 with a powerful direction for your future


The Affordable Housing CrusadeRealXperts: The Affordable Housing Crusade: Paying off Finally?

What’s the future of affordable housing? Watch as we discuss the current state of the housing market and reflect on how we got here in our newest complimentary webinar. Our expert breaks down significant new court cases and legislation that are sure to impact the real estate market. Listen and learn what real estate agents can do to help address this housing crisis.


5 Winning Strategies for New LicenseesRealXperts: 5 Winning Strategies for New Licensees

Attention new licensees and Brokers! No shortage of advice “out there” but if you are looking for strategies that create results, join us. Our expert, Julie Olson shares her coaching expertise with you to kick-start your real estate career. You’ll leave with a new focus that creates the outcomes you are looking for!


Condo Community Living: Risks and RewardsRealXperts: Condo Community Living: Risks and Rewards

Condo community living today has many rewards and risks. Our expert will illuminate the advantages and challenges to consider when you or your client is considering buying or selling a property in this type of community. You’ll also learn what a real estate licensee is responsible to know as well as what liabilities and responsibilities lie with them and the Community Association. This may change the way you perceive your role and certainly highlight some often confusing risks and rewards.


Tapping into the Robust New Construction MarketRealXperts: Tapping into the Robust New Construction Market

New construction offers a vast opportunity for real estate professionals in today’s market. Whether you are newly licensed or a seasoned veteran, our expert will reveal what is really needed—including critical skills and specific steps—for you to be successful in this rich, flourishing market. From representing a buyer to cashing your commission check, expert Melissa Reese shares her secrets to success with you.


Post Pandemic New Challenges for MortgageRealXperts: New Construction: Responding to the Inventory Shortage

Inventory shortages are rampant from coast to coast. Join us to learn how new construction can create options for you and your clients. Expert, Adam Hergenrother, prepares you to meet and profit by becoming versed in this ripe new construction market.



Post Pandemic New Challenges for MortgageRealXperts: Post Pandemic: New Challenges for Mortgage

Questions loom large concerning what happens next as homeowners, buyers, sellers, and landlords consider their next real estate move. As 2021 marches forward and the nation embraces a post-pandemic protocol, what will be the biggest impact? What's on the horizon for securing a mortgage at a great rate? Where do the challenges lie? How have client requests changed for both housing needs and financing?



Outside the Box Land DevelopmentRealXperts: Building a Lucrative Airbnb/Vacation Blueprint

With the advent of today’s technology consumers are turning to alternative ways to vacation and smart investors are filling the need with vacation rentals. Our experts share with you how to get 2 to 3 times the average rent using their Airbnb cash flow model, and the differences between traditional renting versus vacation rentals, plus the benefits they bring for investors, in addition to a cash flow increase. Join our experts as they deliver your Airbnb Success Blueprint.



Outside the Box Land DevelopmentRealXperts: Outside the Box Land Development

What’s new in land development that creates potential opportunities for you? Can the traditional land development model be shattered with new approaches? Our experts explore the traditional one-dimensional model used in the past and share how this paradigm shift is occurring, creating new solutions to age-old dilemmas and new financial and business opportunities.


Commercial Real EstateRealXperts: The Real Estate Road Ahead – Turbulent or Tame?

The real estate path is filled with uncertainty for many owners and renters in the year ahead. What happens when the moratoriums are lifted for homeowners by mortgage companies? For renters? For landlords? What impact can we expect to see on markets? Join us to learn how you can prepare to address the market and these clients' needs.


Commercial Real EstateRealXperts: Commercial Real Estate Crisis: What Happens Next?

What’s really ahead for Commercial Real Estate in 2021? Are we facing a market collapse or correction? How is multifamily affected compared to office, retail, and industrial? Learn what you can do to make the most of market opportunities ahead. Join us as we discuss the dynamic world of commercial real estate. embrace 2021!


Crystal BallRealXperts: Crystal Ball: On the Verge of Urban Exodus

Back by popular demand following the December RealXpert, we'll be looking further into the Crystal Ball and exploring some of your primary questions. Are we on the verge of an urban exodus? How will renters impact the real estate market? Will there be a surplus or shortage or properties? How will other key indicators such as average home sales price impact the face of real estate in 2021? Join us to explore these and other major real estate shifts anticipated as we embrace 2021!


A Look Into the Crystal BallRealXperts: A Look Into the Crystal Ball

What will the real estate landscape look like in 2021? Join us to learn how external factors impacting real estate preferences are shifting. Homeowners are examining community selection, population density, and crime with a heightened focus.  As clients redefine desired amenities and space allocations to satisfy their needs today, some of the Internal factors they are rethinking include the concept and functionality of “home” as it serves the role of: office, school, social, church, fitness center and respite. Prepare for a successful 2021!


Solar Farms: Bumper Crop Real EstateRealXperts: Solar Farms: Bumper Crop Real Estate

Why are solar farms attractive NOW in today’s real estate market? Join us to explore this potential game changer for your real estate business plan. You’ll gain insight on expanding your real estate portfolio, identifying key attributes to evaluate land for a suitable solar farm, and learn the steps to be successful in this growing field. Opportunity awaits!


Why TEAMS WorkRealXperts: Why TEAMS Work!

Why are TEAMS a critical success factor in today’s real estate world? Our expert shares how an ultimate “Dream Team” works and the benefits to your clients in this highly competitive market. Also take a peek into the future of TEAMS and how you might augment your business model to achieve superior performance!


Reinventing your businessRealXperts: Reinventing Your Business in Challenging Times

Feeling isolated, depleted, forlorn? It's been a long road, this 2020. The foundation to a sustainable and satisfying real estate career is at your fingertips. You’ll hear our expert share secrets that reveal a road map to revitalizing your business and your client relationships. Now is the time to be intentional & purposeful with your actions. Join us and learn how.


The dynamic homeRealXperts: The Dynamic Home - Essential Habitat Redefined

Covid-19 has redefined our concept of home. More than a place to sleep, our homes are now our workplace, a school, and a refuge where we seek solace from the challenges we are facing. Tonya Jernberg, co-founder of Dynamic Home Design Consulting, discusses the concept of the dynamic home and how essential habitat is being redefined for yourself and your clients.


Doing real estate business in unusual timesRealXperts: Doing Business in Unusual Times

Our new normal requires us to think outside the box to put important actions into place. Take a look as Kayla Gustafson, managing broker of High Pointe Realty, Inc., shares her insights on when to pivot and when to double-down. In this webinar, you'l learn about behaviors that encourage an environment in which you can assess and redirect your efforts so that you and your business can thrive in unusual times.


COVID's impact on association livingRealXperts: COVID-19's Impact on Association Living

The effects of COVID-19 on common interest communities (CICs) are impacting everything from sale of property, essential decisions regarding the property, how decisions are made, and who makes them in unexpected circumstances. This webinar will discuss how CICs can protect the owners, guard privacy, address liabilities, and maintain the health of the entire CIC.


8 things you must do to survive and thrive in real estateRealXperts: Major Economic Disrupters: The Impact on Credit

The coronavirus will be one of the greatest disruptors in our nation’s history. We simply do not know the full extent yet, but here are a few of the immediate impacts. Credit scores for many will go down, the costs for home and auto insurance will increase, and qualifying for a home loan will become more difficult. In this webinar, we’ll examine the full impact of this major financial disruptor.


8 things you must do to survive and thrive in real estateRealXperts: The Great Eight: 8 Things You Must Do to Survive and Thrive in Real Estate

Steve Strickholm, president and founder of KnowledgeDNA Goal Tracker, presents a webinar on developing the lifelong skills real estate agents need to succeed in their careers. Steve's formula will help you understand how to track, prospect, and convert leads into sales. Steve teaches you how to set and hold goals and keep yourself accountable for your actions and on track to reach your goals.


5 Cutting Edge Trends in Real EstateRealXperts: Five Ways to Use Cutting Edge Trends to Build Your Brand and Increase Sales

New technology is impacting the real estate business in a big way. Dan Gerlock, CEO and Co-Founder of Realty Connection, gives you a peek at the top trending searches in real estate and tells you why that information is valuable. You’ll get tips for incorporating social media and new technologies into your marketing mix. You'll also learn what traits brokers are looking for in new agents, how to use broker comparison to grow your career, and the difference between what brokers offer in regards to commission and fees.


How do the TILA-RESPA changes affect real estate agents?RealXperts: TILA-RESPA - The Most Important Changes Affecting You

On October 3, 2015, the entire world of real estate closings was turned upside down. The Good Faith Estimate (GFE), Housing and Urban Development (HUD-1), and Truth-in-Lending forms are no longer be used in most residential mortgage closings. Expert Jerry Anderson brings over 30 years of industry experience to this discussion of how the new TILA-RESPA changes will immediately and profoundly affect you, your clients, and your closings.


30 Minutes That Could Save Your Life - Real Estate Agent SafetyRealXperts: 30 Minutes That Could Save Your Life

As a real estate professional, you are at risk every day. Your simple habits, fixed routine, and trusting attitude could make you an easy target for people with bad intentions. In this presentation, corporate security and risk management executive Carol Martinson teaches you where your biggest vulnerabilities exist and how to thwart them.



Leveraging Your Retirement Funds in Real EstateRealXperts: Be Your Own Bank - Leveraging Your Retirement Funds in Real Estate

Josh Manier presents a viable, long-term strategy for you and your clients in this high-impact presentation. Learn how you can leverage your own underperforming retirement funds by investing in something you already know…real estate. You have years of expertise in real estate, so stop listening to financial planners explain how they’ll invest your money in unknown, uncertain investments.


4 Tax Tips Every REALTOR Needs to KnowRealXperts: Four Tax Tips Every REALTOR® Should Know

Most self-employed real estate professionals forego valuable deductions out of uncertainty or fear of filing incorrectly and triggering an IRS audit. In this fast-paced tax savings webinar, Chris Bird shares his four most important tax strategies for real estate professionals. Chris is a former IRS agent with over 30 years of tax and financial experience. He clarifies the blurry rules and regulations, including the big audit trigger items like home office and vehicle deductions.


5 Steps to Making it in Real Estate SalesRealXperts: Five Critical Steps to Making it in Real Estate Sales

A career in real estate offers a lot of opportunity. Running your own business certainly has an upside, and for the first time in your life, you’ve got the opportunity to chase unlimited earning potential. As a result, many new agents come into the business with a lot of enthusiasm. But being successful in real estate requires more than just ambition. Successful Keller Williams real estate pro Josh Pomerleau details his Five Critical Steps to Making it in Real Estate Sales. You’ll hear directly from Josh on the strategies he’s employed to build his career, and learn how to leverage them to build yours as well.

Real Estate Hangover VideoRealXperts: Real Estate Hangover: Time to Wake Up!

Countless people lost everything as a result of the banking and real estate meltdown. These individuals may be down, but they are not out. They are committed to rebuilding their financial lives, but they may have little idea of how or where to start. This is where you come in. By having the knowledge to guide your clients in the right direction, you will differentiate yourself from others, strengthen your relationship with your existing clients, and open yourself to an entirely new group of potential clients. Every individual in this situation must work their way through the same basic steps. Financial services pro Todd Rooker will arm you to help clients move through these steps in a fraction of the time and be in a much stronger financial position on the other side.