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RealXperts - Turning Your Passion into Results

RealXperts Real Estate Webinar SeriesPassion is the fuel that inspires and drives people toward specific goals, no matter how unlikely or difficult they might be. It generates the enthusiasm needed to plow through the biggest obstacles and overcome the most intractable challenges. It inspires loyalty, teamwork, hard work, and, ultimately, results. Learn from our expert who has helped countless individuals succeed by providing hope, inspiration, guidance, and commitment to motivating this next generation to be high achievers and strive for success.




Michael Aharoni: Michael Aharoni is one of the most sought out mentors and educators within both the military and first responder communities. Michael works daily to help individuals grow both in their personal and business lives. In 2017, Michael founded Home at Last, now the largest Thin Line, not-for-profit, educational organization of its kind. This opportunity provided Michael the privilege of testifying in front of the US Congress, host educational and motivational workshops for these communities, plus train other realtors on how to successfully grow their business.