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Reinventing Your Business in Challenging Times

RealXperts Real Estate Webinar Series

Feeling isolated, depleted, forlorn? It's been a long road, this 2020. The foundation to a sustainable and satisfying real estate career is at your fingertips. You’ll hear our expert share secrets that reveal a road map to revitalizing your business and your client relationships. Now is the time to be intentional & purposeful with your actions. Join us and learn how.

About Christine Williams

Christine Williams earned a degree in psychology and began her real estate career in multi-family property management. She ventured into real estate sales, at the age of 29, with $1,000 in savings, a bold attitude, and the mindset that she didn't want to fail herself. These days, her passion is working behind the scenes, to instill good work ethics and to pass along her 24 years of knowledge & education to other agents. She inspires others to create the life they want to live, by always striving to be the best version of self, funded through real estate sales.