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Outside the Box Land Development

RealXperts Real Estate Webinar SeriesWhat’s new in land development that creates potential opportunities for you? Can the traditional land development model be shattered with new approaches? Our experts explore the traditional one-dimensional model used in the past and share how this paradigm shift is occurring, creating new solutions to age-old dilemmas and new financial and business opportunities.


Your Presenters

Don Skelly

Don Skelly is a partner of High Pointe Land, LLC, with expert knowledge in land entitlement, development, builder management, and lot sales. Before moving into land development, his 20+ years as partner and executive vice president of a large home builder, included sales, design, and "Mentor-of-Millennials," establishing the foundation for a successful launch into land development. 

Jim Boo

Jim Boo is the founding partner of High Pointe Land, LLC. As a seasoned licensed real estate professional, he brings three decades of experience as a broker and land developer. Jim’s passions are real estate, land development, team-building, and finding ways to succeed where others could not. Jim is also a Kaplan instructor, generously sharing his knowledge and experience with students nation-wide.