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RealXperts: Real Estate Hangover: Time to Wake Up!

RealXperts: Real Estate HangoverFinancial services professional Todd Rooker delivers a hard hitting presentation on how real estate professionals can help their clients through difficult financial situations. Todd discusses how to help clients get back into financial stability, and stop throwing good money after bad. Todd will teach you how clients can overcome their challenges, minimize the damages, and emerge from their financial nightmare in a better situation on the other side.


My name is Todd Rooker. Welcome to Kap Xpert. We are going to be talking about how to recover essentially hangover from the real estate disaster that we've all gone through. I have been involved in an industry where I help people recover from these things for over 20 years.

By the way, if there's anyone you know of who might be interested in this, friends, family, clients, they can check it out on the website and I believe it will be archived for them to watch it again. My business basically has revolved around helping people who are in financially challenged positions. I have been doing it for a long time and don't really have a whole lot of people who do what I do.

My typical client is a person who might come to me and say, "Look, Todd, I've never missed a payment in my life. In fact, I never thought I would, but I feel as though I'm exhausting all of my resources trying to make my payments on time." And that really often means that they're taking loans from retirement accounts, taking cash advances from credit cards, even borrowing money from family and friends, and they'll tell me that.

And then go on to say that basically all they feel is though they're doing is delaying the inevitable and throwing good money after bad. So the questions are how do they deal with this? How do they minimize the damage and get back on their feet on the other side? And obviously, this little webinar and class that this giving you some insight into is to cover and handle those exact things and to come out of it on the other side. That's really my business.

I have to know what the attorney, the financial adviser, mortgage broker, credit specialist and real estate agent all rolled into one know to give people good advice and that's what this will be for you. The ability to give people good and accurate information as opposed to the contrast, which could be very devastating down the road.

So here we go. Real estate hangover, time to wake up, sounds great. Addressing outstanding mortgage debt. So this is an issue where you have to be conscious of future financing and how to rebuild. So rebuilding credit for future financing means you have to set goals to build stability when it comes to qualifying for financing in the future, it would be more than just credit. It would be about your financial standing. And remember that even if you have an 800 credit score, you may still not qualify for a loan.