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Building a Lucrative Airbnb/Vacation Blueprint

RealXperts Real Estate Webinar SeriesWith the advent of today’s technology consumers are turning to alternative ways to vacation and smart investors are filling the need with vacation rentals. Our experts share with you how to get 2 to 3 times the average rent using their Airbnb cash flow model, and the differences between traditional renting versus vacation rentals, plus the benefits they bring for investors, in addition to a cash flow increase. Join our experts as they deliver your Airbnb Success Blueprint.


Your Presenters

Jason Palliser

Jessica has settled into her favorite type of real estate investment after doing traditional real estate for years. Her listings are second to none with the attention to detail that sets her apart from the competition where she has been awarded Superhost status time and time again. Navigating the space like a pro has positioned her as an expert and countless clients had asked her to create an Airbnb Blueprint so they could follow the same process. Serving clients well and grabbing 2 to 3 times the normal market rent is the perfect storm according to her, which allows her to fulfill her side passion of taking care of pups in need and flying Airplanes.

Jessica Palliser

Teaching real estate for over 20 years, Jason has impacted over 25,000 investors nationwide. He has performed virtually every type of real estate transaction from flips to rentals. Alongside his wife, he has fallen in love with the vacation rental model. He built and sold a real estate automation software company that is used by some of the largest companies in America today, so he knows the importance of systems and processes as it pertains to running a successful vacation rental business. He teaches 32 ways to grab off market properties nationally and now always looks to do a vacation rental first versus any other real estate strategy. Serving this vacation rental bucket has been the most profitable real estate approach in his 25 years of speaking and teaching nationally.