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Top Characteristics of a North Carolina Real Estate Broker

Image depicting the skills necessary to be successful in real estate sales.

Posted by: Kaplan Real Estate Education
Updated: November 2020

Some people compare a great real estate broker to a conductor of a symphony. A real estate broker wears many hats throughout the job and works within different roles to create best-case scenarios for all parties (or clients) involved. The agent may act as a consultant, a salesperson, a marketer, an analyst, and a business manager all in one transactional process. All of those different roles require competency in different areas. Here are some qualities and characteristics that successful real estate professionals share.

Problem-solving skills

What are you going to do when your client is looking for everything under the sun, with a budget that doesn’t allow it? Real estate brokers face all sorts of problems and issues throughout their day. Being able to find creative solutions to those problems is what successful brokers have in common.


What wakes you up in the morning? As a real estate broker, there’s nothing making you get up in the morning but your own desire for success. You are your own boss. Having the self-motivation and drive to succeed are critical.

Entrepreneurial mindset

As a real estate broker, you are likely the only one responsible for growing your business. Along with self-motivation, you must have an entrepreneurial mindset to see business opportunities in your market and take advantage of them.


In an industry where referral marketing is so important, your brand and reputation are crucial. Maintaining integrity and making ethical business decisions are the methods to keeping your reputation in good standing. Become a member of the National Association of Realtors to demonstrate your commitment to strict ethical standards and practices.

Determination and hard work

It’s not about how many hours you put into it—it’s about how much you put into those hours. You don’t have to work long hours to be successful in real estate, as long as you put solid, hard work into all of your hours. The best brokers are efficient and don’t waste the time they’ve dedicated to work.

Passion for homes and architecture

It’s much easier to have the motivation and desire to succeed if you actually have a passion for the industry you are working in. The best agents in real estate have a true interest and passion for real estate. When clients see that you’re passionate about what you do, you gain an instant advantage over your competitors.

Engaging personality

Have you ever been told you’re a very sociable person? Do people describe you as honest, confident, and personable? These traits are great for real estate professionals because in real estate, you aren’t just selling property...you’re selling yourself.


Real estate clients have unique individual needs. Being able to get the details right will help create that top-notch experience for the client, and may lead to 5-star reviews or desirable referrals.


The best players in the real estate market are savvy in the way they understand the local communities and markets. If you’re able to identify the intricacies of your community and harvest those opportunities, you can pull away from other competitors.


How big is your network? The best real estate brokers are well-connected in their communities. Whether it be with other real estate agencies and brokers, appraisers, home inspectors, loan officers, buyers and sellers, or even friends and family, a strong network allows you to maintain influence, communication, and a stream of prospects in your market.


In order to continuously serve your clients well, you must keep up with the latest trends and news in real estate. A successful broker stays current on continuing education, professional development, and the latest trends. Always try to improve your service to avoid becoming obsolete.