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Real Estate Slogans: 3 Tips for Writing Effective Slogans

Real Estate Slogans: 3 Tips for Writing Impactful Slogans

Posted by: Kaplan Real Estate Education
Updated: January 15, 2019

Choosing a slogan for your real estate business can be one of the most important marketing decisions you will make (almost as important as this one). Real estate slogans are widely used in the industry, but rarely used effectively. If you’re trying to come up with a slogan that’s more than just catchy, here are three tips you can use to develop a slogan that truly represents your real estate business and your brand.

1. It Should Set You Apart

The most important thing to consider when choosing a real estate slogan is differentiation. This is key to becoming a marketing pro. Avoid generic, blanket statements that could represent any real estate salesperson in a 50-mile radius. Statements like “St. Paul’s Real Estate Pro,” “We Work for You,” or “Helping Buyers and Sellers” are just wasted words. Clients expect that you’re a professional, geared toward helping buyers and sellers. They also expect that you operate in the best interest of the people you serve. These are things every real estate salesperson does, so there’s no value in hanging your hat on them. If you’re a seasoned real estate pro, you can focus on your years of experience. But even that’s a pretty bland selling point. There will likely always be someone in your market who has been doing it longer or has sold more homes.

Think of the things you do better than anybody else- those things that truly set you apart in your market when considering a real estate slogan. Are you an expert at interviewing clients and scouring the listings to find the perfect home for their lifestyle? Do you have a proven track record of helping clients price and market their home for a fast sale? Do you offer services outside the norm of a real estate agent, like a free moving truck for clients or staging expertise? These are all marketable services that can provide an exceptional base for your real estate slogan.

2. It Should be Memorable

Once you’ve identified your niche, you need to figure out how to say it. One overwhelming common trait of a good slogan is that it’s short and memorable. Take a look at this list of time-tested slogans. You can probably name the brand associated with each one:

  • Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand
  • Every Kiss Begins with Kay
  • Where’s the Beef?
  • Great Taste, Less Filling
  • Bet You Can’t Eat Just One

Some of the slogans above are 20 or 30 years old. Many of them haven’t been used in years. Yet you still remember the brand they’re associated with. The slogan you use for your local real estate brand likely won’t become a time-honored American advertising adage, but a great real estate slogan can help you establish a unique identity in your market that you can build on for decades to come. A great, memorable slogan will make your name mean something in the eyes of your target customers.

Here are a few tips you can employ to help make more memorable real estate slogans:

  • Keep it short. Boil down your differentiator into as few words as possible, without compromising meaning.
  • Use alliteration, rhyme, or plays on words. Anything you can do to make the slogan “fun” to say and hear will help it stick with the people who hear or see it.
  • Be specific. Vague, cliché’-laden real estate slogans blend in and won’t have the stickiness you’re looking for.

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3. It Should be More Than Just a Slogan

A catchy slogan is great, but it isn’t going to stand the test of time if you aren’t able to live up to it. Whatever your real estate slogan promises, you must deliver. Fast food restaurant Wendy’s knew that if it was going to call out competitors with a slogan like Where’s the Beef?, it needed to also provide the most substantial hamburgers in the industry. Bet You Can’t Eat Just One doesn’t get off the ground if it isn’t supported by an addictingly delicious potato chip.

A truly effective slogan shouldn’t be difficult to live up to if you’ve built it based on what sets you apart. Just remember, your brand isn’t simply what you say you are. Your brand is what your customers believe you are. Your real estate slogan should set the expectation, and your client service should be the real-world embodiment of it. The best way to become known for something is to become it.

Your Real Estate Slogan is the Foundation of Your Marketing

When you truly dig into the difference between successful and unsuccessful real estate professionals, you’ll likely find there isn’t one big thing that one group is doing and the other is not. Success is the product of a lot of little things. A real estate slogan alone won’t make your business successful. But your slogan can serve as the guiding principle by which you do business. When you think and act in alignment with your slogan at every step, you will set yourself up to make the right moves, both large and small, to positively affect your real estate business.


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