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Real Estate For Sale Signs: How to Make an Impact

A house with a for sale sign

Posted by: Kaplan Real Estate Education

Published: August 20, 2020

Your real estate for sale sign could be your first introduction to potential buyers. You know what they say: first impressions are everything. With your for sale sign, you’re looking to reach potential buyers who are actively looking for a new home, in addition to making a statement to the local community that you sell homes in this neighborhood. You want to both engage buyers who are looking right now and to lodge your name in the minds of those who might be interested at a later date, all within the confines of the for sale sign.

Your sign must portray you as an agent, your brokerage, and the property all in the right light. Easier said than done, right? It’s challenging but not impossible. In this article, you’ll learn how to grab the right kind of attention with your for sale sign. Let’s start by examining four things you should consider when creating for sale signs.

4 Things to Consider for Real Estate For Sale Signs

1. Content

There are three main items that your for sale sign should contain: the logo of your brokerage, your name, and a way to contact you, whether that’s a phone number or email address. Ideally, potential buyers would call on the phone, so you can make a personal connection right away. However, talking on the phone isn’t everyone’s first choice for communication these days. You might have equal success with your email address. The choice is up to you.

Your name should be prominently displayed on the sign so that prospective buyers remember it, whether they call you up right away to express interest in the property, or they contact your brokerage at a later date to inquire about your services.

2. Placement

The for sale sign should be placed at the most visible point on the property. Make sure to check all angles, especially if there are large trees or bushes that could potentially block the view from the street. The sign should be close enough to the sidewalk or street so that passersby can easily read it without venturing too far onto the property.

Smaller sidewalk signs at popular neighborhood entrances can get you more visibility if the property is tucked away from busy streets. Before placing additional signs off the property, make sure you’re aware of the city regulations for signs and any guidelines in place set by the homeowner’s association. You don’t want to diminish your local reputation as an agent by breaking the community rules.

3. Style

A clean, minimalist style will allow the focus to remain on your name as an agent and the brokerage you represent. If your sign is trying to communicate too much in too small of a space, the messages could be lost on your audience. Make sure there is enough space around the logo, your name, and your contact information so that it’s easy to read from the street while passing by.

To align yourself with your brokerage, ensure that the font and the color scheme match the branding guidelines. Your brokerage might even have a sign template that you can use. If you need more ideas for real estate sign style, Pinterest is full of examples.

4. Type

Knowing your audience is key to nailing the finishing touches. A rustic wood colonial signpost holding up a simple sign featuring a muted color palette could catch the eyes of potential buyers in a traditional, historic neighborhood. Similarly, a sleek and modern metal post with a sign that offers a pop of color could resonate with potential buyers in a newly-built community. The type of sign you use should represent you and your brokerage well while also fitting the setting. The colonial signpost works well for most for sale signs on the property itself, while H frame stake signs could do for neighborhood entrances.


Real estate for sale signs can not only help sell the property you’re representing quickly and efficiently, but they can also impact the amount of future leads you bring in by catching the interest of the community at large. If you do them correctly, you’ll have both a buyer and a list of prospective clients in no time.