Is Real Estate a Good Career Option After Retirement?

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Real estate has several characteristics that make it an attractive career option for individuals who've retired from their first career, and are looking for a new professional adventure in retirement. In this installment of Toby Talks, Toby talks about those characteristics, and provides advice for individuals looking to make the move to the real estate profession in retirement.


  • Working as a licensed real estate professional is a popular option for individuals looking to stay active and earn additional income in retirement.
  • Aside from state-mandated education and exams, most states don't have stringent education requirements. There are also relatively low startup costs associated.
  • A real estate career provides flexibility. You set your own hours, and are as busy as you choose to be.
  • You're the boss! You're in control of the decisions that drive your business.
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Video Transcript:

Yes. Real estate has become a popular career for individuals looking to stay busy and earn additional income in retirement. There are several reasons for this. Number one; there are few barriers to entry. Aside from state-mandated education and exams, there aren't stringent experience or education requirements in most states. A career in real estate also comes with relatively low startup costs.

Number two, real estate is flexible. You set your own hours, and you're as busy as you want to be. Third, you're the boss. After a career spent likely taking direction from someone else, many people enjoy taking the reins and making the decisions that drive their business.

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