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How Do I Get My Oregon Real Estate License?

Oregon real estate agent meeting with clients in her office.

If you're considering starting a real estate career in Portland, Eugene, Salem, Gresham, or any other city in the state, you'll need to earn an Oregon real estate license.To earn your real estate license in Oregon, you must apply for a state license, complete 150 hours of required education, pass the Oregon Broker licensing exam, submit to fingerprinting, and obtain a sponsoring broker. While the process to become a real estate agent is similar in most states, each state has unique steps that must be adhered to. The six steps to becoming an Oregon real estate agent are as follows:

Step 1: Be at Least 18 Years of Age

In addition to being at least 18 years of age, you must also be a US citizen or permanent resident alien and show proof of high school graduation or equivalent. 

Step 2: Apply For Your State License

Complete and submit the Oregon Real Estate License Application and submit to the Agency with the $230 fee. More information on applying can be found on the State of Oregon website.

Step 3: Complete Your Required Education

Broker applicants must complete 150 hours of prelicense education. Seven required courses make up the 150 hours: 30 hours of Real Estate Law, 30 hours of Real Estate Finance, 30 hours of Oregon Real Estate Practices, 15 hours of Contracts, 15 hours of Agency, 20 hours of Real Estate Brokerage, and 10 hours of Property Management. More information about education can be found on the Oregon Real Estate Agency website.

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Step 4: Take the Oregon Broker Licensing Exam

Register and pass the broker’s exam with the exam provider, Psychological Services, Inc. (PSI). To schedule your exam, visit the PSI website.

Step 5: Have Your Fingerprints Taken

Your fingerprints will be taken at a PSI testing center at the same time as your license examination. The fingerprints are processed through the Oregon State Police (OSP) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Background check and fingerprint information can be found State of Oregon website.

Step 6: Obtain a Principal Broker Sponsor

In order to practice as a real estate broker, you must be sponsored by a licensed Oregon principal broker. You and your sponsor will both need to complete and submit the Registered Business Name Association form. Once the form is accepted by the Real Estate Agency, your license will be issued and you may practice real estate under the sponsorship of the principal broker.