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Five Critical Steps to Making It in Real Estate Sales

Five Critical Steps to Making It in Real Estate Sales

Posted by: Josh Pomerleau, Associate Broker, GRI, CDPE
Updated: January, 15, 2019

Jumping into a real estate career can be an extremely exciting experience. For the first time, you may have the opportunity to showcase your "entrepreneur side," maintain a flexible schedule, and create the life you really want. Often, new licensees will come into their real estate career with unbridled enthusiasm. However, after being licensed for some time, they may realize that real estate is like many other fields. To be successful, it takes a positive mindset, the ability to find a mentor, training, and constant lead generation. Then, when everything seems to be clicking, a real estate agent will inevitably need some help in the form of people, otherwise known as leverage. So, let’s get started!


Without the right mindset, it will be difficult for you to build a solid foundation for a successful real estate career. Having a clear purpose will be imperative to getting over the bumps and bruises in your career. Also, it is crucial that you are constantly feeding yourself with positive reinforcement. Hang around with successful, positive people to increase your own chances of success. This leads us to the next point.


When I think back on my 10-years in real estate, it has been a winding road of experiences and mentors. There have been countless people in my life who have helped me build my business to what it is today. Like many things, it started small. Beginning with simply learning how to fill out a purchase agreement, I eventually learned how to run the company like a true business, and I owe that all to my mentors. Mentors have invaluable experience and knowledge…and they can provide you with a map to guide you on the road to success!

Learning and Training

In the real estate industry, you must be a learning-based person. The real estate industry is constantly changing, and you need to adapt and grow with the times. By attending great real estate training programs, staying current with your education, and really expanding your knowledge base, you will be able to keep up with the competition and expand your business.

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Lead Generation

This is the fuel of your real estate business. Without clients, you are going to struggle to sell real estate. I learned how important lead generation was from the very start. If you are just starting out in real estate, you must understand that in order to be successful, you need to be in both the lead generation and real estate business. If you maintain a constant focus on lead generation, you will not only increase your business, but you will avoid the ups and downs of the real estate income roller coaster.


Once the first four steps are in motion, you will most likely feel a bit overwhelmed. This is natural when starting a successful business. When it becomes too much to handle, you should look for help. In most business, including real estate, the first place to look for help is on the administrative side. If your focus is sales, you don’t want to get bogged down by paperwork. An administrative assistant can be one of the best decisions you will ever make for your real estate business.

The best thing about a career in real estate is that you get out of it what you put into it. If you give it your best effort, connect with positive people who can mentor you, and continue to train and learn about the business, then you can look forward to a long, successful career in real estate.

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Josh Pomerleau is the CEO and co-owner of The Pomerleau Team, one of the largest real estate teams in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Area. Josh has been a leader in the market place for over 7 years and is currently in the top 1% of all Twin Cities Realtors®. He has also written numerous courses and taught 100′s of other REALTORS® on how to succeed in real estate at a high level. Josh has a passion for real estate, growing people around him, and being a leader in the market place.