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5 Creative Reasons to Stay in Touch with Your Past Real Estate Clients

5 Creative Reasons to Stay in Touch with Your Past Real Estate Clients

Posted by: Joey Anthros, ReferralGENIE™
Updated: January 15, 2019

Most happy clients will tell you they would gladly refer your business, but very few actually do. That’s often simply because your name isn’t at the top of their minds. Here are five reasons why keeping communication open with past real estate clients should be as much of a priority in growing your real estate business as networking for new leads is.

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1. You can remind them that they liked you.

You’ve likely worked with a professional service provider before and had an exceptional experience. You were probably very happy with the services they provided, and may have even developed a friendship. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. That’s not exactly the case when it comes to your relationship with past clients. Find creative ways and reasons to stay in touch with past real estate clients. For example, as you put together your social media plan, perhaps think of a way to use your Facebook page or profile to reach out. The goal is to remind them of your exceptional service, and increase the likelihood of more referrals.

2. It’s an opportunity to learn.

Every time you engage with a past real estate client, you have the opportunity to learn a bit more about them. For example, you may learn that they have a sister who is selling her home and moving to be closer to family. It’s likely that she will soon be in the market for a new home. The more you engage, ask questions, and listen to your clients, the better you can uncover an opportunity to offer your valuable service and help in any open real estate needs.

3. Birds of a feather flock together.

Generally speaking, people tend to associate with people like themselves. If you help a successful young family find a home, it’s highly likely they will have many other friends who are of the same mindset and in the same stage of their lives. Keeping up with past clients can, in time, generate tremendous opportunities for you to grow your lead list and provide exceptional service to their friends and family.

4. Everyone likes to be appreciated.

You could throw an annual holiday party and tell all your real estate clients to bring a friend or family member. This will demonstrate your sincere appreciation for the opportunity to serve them while you meet new people. Some of them may be looking for a good real estate agent in the future. 

5. You can create opportunities for your business partners.

Visiting your clients often will organically allow you to identify when they need additional professional services. For example, if a young married couple purchased a home two years ago, you might learn that they have recently had a child and are in need of legal services. This is an opportunity for you to help your client and also help a business partner. The law of reciprocity dictates that if you help someone else, they will later be compelled to help you, too.

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