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How to Complete the Exterior Portion of the Inspection

Posted by: Kaplan Real Estate Education

Updated: September 4, 2018

Get Expert Tips on Completing the Exterior Portion of a Home Inspection

The exterior portion of a home inspection will tell you a lot about what you will be looking for in the interior of the house. Doug Hastings, a home inspector for over 20 years, will give you his tips on completing this segment of an inspection. Doug will show you why it is important to take notes and gather your thoughts at this point in the inspection process. You will also learn that what you found on the exterior of the home will give you clues on what to look for as you inspect the interior portion.


Video Transcript
You've just completed the exterior portion of the inspection. The exterior portion of the inspection will tell you a lot about what you're going to be looking for on the inside of the house. So you do want to be cautious of those hot spots that you noted as you went around the outside so that when you get inside you'll visit those with a little more intensity in some of those areas that might not have been hot spots of the home. You know it's a good time too. I think there are breaking points in an inspection where you have to re-gather your thoughts, and you also have to take some notes. We don't want to live on our memories because if we live on our memories we're bound to make a mistake. So what I'm going to recommend here is that you take a few moments and fill out the exterior portion of your inspection report, as well as, the garage portion of your inspection report. And when we're done with that we'll go take a look at the interior of the house. Take a moment.
As we move to the interior of the home take note of how many of our observations will cause us to focus on specific interior locations. For example, if there was tire patching around the roof lashing of the chimney, we would pay particular attention to the interior ceiling at the chimney. Why? Because there would be a high probability of water staining and a problem. This is why we say that a house will almost talk to you and tell you where the problems are. This sixth sense is a sign of a real professional inspector.