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A Home Inspection is a Service

A Home Inspection is a Service

Posted by: Brightwood Real Estate Education
Updated: August 10, 2017 


A home inspection is a visual analysis of the condition of a home. This inspection is not technical nor is it destructive.  It is an objective, noninvasive examination of the all the homes major and minor systems and components.  This “visual snapshot” is most often done in the process of a real estate transaction and should always include a written report of the inspector’s findings. 

A home inspection documents the existing condition of each component of the home, but does not project the past nor assure future performance.  It is not a warranty or guarantee.  An inspector must remain completely unbiased and willing to provide an informed opinion on each part of the house. 

A well-executed home inspection combines broad technical knowledge of all house systems with an ability to communicate technical issues in terms that a layperson can understand.

There are Four Basic Types of Home Inspections:

  1. Public
  2. Private
  3. Environmental
  4. Pest and rodent

Based on training or licensing requirements, inspectors may or may not offer each of the inspection types. What is important is that if a consumer buys one type of inspection, they do not get the information that is provided by the other three.  Home inspection is an information service; good home inspectors stay within the boundaries of the service they are being paid to provide. However, there is nothing that prohibits an inspector from selling multiple types of inspections to the same customer...for an additional fee.


To learn more about becoming a home inspector in your state, simply select your state from the list on the home inspection training landing page.