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Appraisal or Home InspectionHome Inspector or Appraiser: Which Career is Right for Me?

Real estate agents aren’t the only people in the real estate field who can rake in the cash. Home inspectors and home appraisers can make a very comfortable living. So if you want to get into real estate, but don’t want to sell homes, consider these two options.



To be a successful home inspector you need these 5 skillsFive Skills Expected From All Home Inspectors

There are certain industry standards you must meet in order to effectively serve homeowners and REALTORS® as a home inspector. This article provides a checklist of questions to help you decide if you're ready for a home inspection career.



What is it like being a home inspectorWhat is it Like Being a Home Inspector?

A home inspector is more than someone that has some construction knowledge or experience.  It is a business and to be successful must be operated as such. A home inspector must be willing to plan. This means he or she must write a business plan that will provide them with a path to follow.



How to Become a Home Inspector

Are you thinking of starting your own home inspection business but aren't sure how to get started? People enter the field of home inspection from a number of occupations and careers, but one question is consistently asked from someone at this stage, "what is the best way to get started as a home inspector?



Starting a Home Inspection Business, What is the Financial Opportunity?

As with any financial opportunity, there is a degree of risk, so it is best to consider your options within the home inspection profession as well as research your local market. You then want to create a home inspection business plan. By considering the business options below, you will begin to create a road map for success.



Is Home Inspection the Right Profession for You?

Entering a new profession, any profession, is a difficult decision. Home inspection is no different. You should clearly understand not only what the new profession will be like, but the best path to success for you in that profession. Below are a few points that will give you a representation of the home inspection industry.



Top Ten Traits of a Home Inspector

Like any profession, there are certain characteristics that most successful home inspectors share. We've developed this list of the top ten traits that make a good home inspector, to help you decide if home inspection is the right career choice for you.



3 questions to ask yourself before starting a home inspection career3 Questions to Ask Yourself before Starting a Home Inspection Career

So you're thinking about a career in home inspection? Home Inspection lead instructor Doug Hastings has three questions everyone should ask themselves before beginning their home inspection training and starting a career. 



Drawing of a house indication the cause of most home structural failuresHow to Find the Cause of Most Home Structural Failures

What causes approximately 90% of all structural building failures? It might not be what you think. If you're planning to become a home inspector, you'll need to know what it is and how to identify it. This article has the details.




Graphic of a house depicting roof rules and safety

Up on the Roof: Rules and Safety

If you're concerned about climbing on a roof as home inspector, don't be. It’s rare to see any home inspector walk roofs that are steeper than a 6-in-12 slope. So why don't most home inspectors go on the roof, and how do they inspect if they don't? This article answers these questions with a quick lesson in roof rules and safety. 


Graphic for explaining why sumps and pumps are a good thingWhy Sumps and Pumps Are a Good Thing

Many homebuyers believe that a sump pump and drain tile indicate a problematic house. Home inspectors know the truth, however. When this installed properly, sumps, pumps, and tiles work. Learn why they are effective at keeping moisture away from the foundation and how to explain their importance to buyers in this article..


Top 5 Home Inspector Revenue and Expense Considerations

There are a number of revenue and expense considerations that a home inspector must be aware of and take into consideration when creating a home inspection business plan. Whether you are a seasoned home inspector or new to the home inspection industry, take the time to consider the questions outlined.



Home Inspectors: Understand Your Local Market

To be an effective home inspector, you clearly need the skill set necessary to perform inspections. But you also need to have an understanding of the local real estate market and the competitive landscape of other home inspection businesses in the area.



A Home Inspection is a Service

A home inspection is a visual analysis of the condition of a home. This inspection is not technical nor is it destructive.  It is an objective, noninvasive examination of the all the homes major and minor systems and components.  This “visual snapshot” is most often done in the process of a real estate transaction and should always include a written report of the inspector’s findings.


Home Inspectors Help People

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions most people will make in their lives. Home buyers need to go into the purchase knowing what they are getting into. Missing a major problem in a home can be financially devastating. Most home buyers do not know how to recognize these defects, and neither do REALTORS®.


Graphic of home inspector discovering the trouble with aluminum wiringThe Trouble With Aluminum Wiring

At one time aluminum wiring was considered just a less costly alternative to copper wiring. But not any more. Aluminum wiring can cause loose connections, overheating, and even house fires. Learn how home inspectors can help homebuyers and even homeowners with this troublesome electrical situation.

Home Inspection Arrival Tips

Learn how to increase your professionalism from the moment you arrive at a home inspection. This video will teach you how to show your customer you value their time from the moment you arrive to the time you leave.



How to Inspect an Outdoor Home Deck

Get tips on how to inspect an outdoor home deck with confidence from one of our Home Inspection Training instructors. In this video, you will learn how to test an outdoor deck to ensure it is structurally stable, see how to inspect the safety rails, and discover the signs that will let you know if a deck was installed correctly.



How to Inspect a Home Garage

Learn the ins and outs of inspecting a home garage from an expert home inspector. From the outlets to the flooring to the garage door opener, our instructor will show you how to look at several different features of the garage.



How to Inspect a Garage Attic

Learn from a professional in the home inspection industry how to inspect an attic space with confidence. Discover areas of the attic that have the highest probability of causing problems and learn about the structural components and lateral bracing, the mechanical components, the fire barrier, and more.



How to Complete the Exterior Portion of the Inspection

The exterior portion of a home inspection will tell you a lot about what you will be looking for in the interior of the house. Doug Hastings, a home inspector for over 20 years, will give you his tips on completing this segment of an inspection.



How to Inspect the Water Pressure in a Home

Water pressure is one the aspects that homeowners are most sensitive to. You do not want to get a complaint shortly after a home inspection was completed that your clients were dissatisfied with the water pressure in their home. Get guidance from a professional on what to look for and how to measure adequate water pressure.



How to Properly Inspect a Water Heater

The size and design of water piping running to and from the water heater is extremely important and can affect aspects like water pressure and water leaks. Discover the most important safety component of a water heater and how it can save an entire home.



How to Remove an Electrical Panel for a Home Inspection

Home inspectors nationally are required to take off the electrical panel as part of the inspection. Don’t catch yourself in a dangerous situation by removing the electrical panel box incorrectly.