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Do I Need to Be a Marketing Expert to Be Successful in Real Estate?

When you enter into a relationship with a new client to sell their property, they expect that you will do everything you can to help get their property in front of interested buyers. As a result, success in real estate greatly depends on your marketing skills. Learn a few steps you can take to hone your marketing skills and become the sought-after agent in your market known for connecting buyers and sellers. 


  • When you enter into a listing contract, one of your biggest duties is to market their property.
  • It's important to understand the basics of marketing and have a refined strategy for reaching the right audience.
  • When you see someone else's great marketing in practice, don't be afraid to adopt and adapt that strategy.
  • Use marketing to brand and differentiate yourself in a competitive market. Become an expert.

It sure helps. When you enter into a listing contract you're being hired to do several key duties for your client. One of the biggest duties is to market the property.

All too often we see poorly executed marketing campaigns for properties. You know the ones. Property photos are low quality or show the property in an unfavorable way. The marketing copy detracts from the property's strongest features instead of highlighting them.

You know, understanding the basics of marketing and the typical media employed and having a refined strategy to reach the right audience is critical in retail estate sales. The good news is there's plenty of good marketing out there to model your business after.

When you see a great idea or a powerful marketing concept, don't be afraid to adapt it and adopt it. Be mindful to avoid any trademark or copyright infringement, but it never hurts to deploy other successful marketing strategies.

The second big reason you want to be a marketing expert -- personal promotion, how and what do people think of you as a real estate expert. Much of this can be crafted through your personal branding efforts. Are you the hyper local expert that knows everything and everyone in a community or niche market? Or are you more broad and market minded, embracing comprehensive platform marketing efforts, like Zillow or Realtor.com? Either way, those who employ a sound marketing strategy and become true experts at it tend to be the most successful agents.