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What Skills Does a Contractor Need to Become a Successful Home Inspector?

If you've considered leveraging your skills as a contractor into a career in home inspection, you've likely wondered what additional skills you need to develop to make that transition. In this edition of Toby Talks, Toby Schifsky details the skills needed to make a successful move from building to inspecting.

  •     Contractors already have manty of the skills needed to be a successful home inspector
  •     You will likely need training on evaluating and communicating the condition of residential systems.
  •     You will also need some training on how to run a successful home inspection business.
  •     Homeowners are your clients, but most of your work will come from real estate agent referrals. You need to develop rapport with agents.

As a licensed contractor, you already have many of the skills you need to launch a successful home inspection career. You have an established knowledge of some residential systems and you know how they work, but likely you're going to need training on evaluating the condition of those systems and then communicating their condition with your client. You'll also likely need to learn more about running a home inspection business.

As a contractor, most of your work comes through word of mouth advertising. Home inspection, it's a little different. While homeowners are your primary client, you'll likely receive most of your work via referrals from real estate agents. How do you plan to establish relationships with your community's real estate pros and communicate your expertise with them? Well, you'll need to brush up on your marketing and business networking skills if you're going to leverage your contractor skills for a career in home inspection. If you're serious about making the transition to a career in home inspection, we have the courses you need. Check out our website for current offerings.