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Can a Full-Time College Student Work Part Time in Real Estate Sales?

College is expensive. Many college students pick up part-time jobs to help ease the financial burden of life on campus. In this installment of Toby Talks, Toby discusses whether or not real estate sales is a viable part-time option for college students attending class on a full-time basis.



  •     Many full-time, self-motivated college students practice real estate on a part-time basis to earn extra income.
  •     Real estate careers have low education requirements, and minimal startup costs.
  •     Working in real estate will provide a valuable knowledge base for your future career success.

Absolutely. Thousands of people already do. If you're a self-motivated college student that has no problem keeping up on your studies and wants to earn extra income, real estate sales may provide the opportunity you're looking for. Limited education requirements, relatively low startup costs, schedule flexibility, and an incredible knowledge base for any young adult living in America; all of these add up to a profession that can not only earn you money, but also lay a foundation for your future success.