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Commercial Real EstateRealXperts: Commercial Real Estate Crisis: What Happens Next?

What’s really ahead for Commercial Real Estate in 2021? Are we facing a market collapse or correction? How is multifamily affected compared to office, retail, and industrial? Learn what you can do to make the most of market opportunities ahead. Join us as we discuss the dynamic world of commercial real estate. embrace 2021!


Crystal BallRealXperts: Crystal Ball: On the Verge of Urban Exodus

Back by popular demand following the December RealXpert, we'll be looking further into the Crystal Ball and exploring some of your primary questions. Are we on the verge of an urban exodus? How will renters impact the real estate market? Will there be a surplus or shortage or properties? How will other key indicators such as average home sales price impact the face of real estate in 2021? Join us to explore these and other major real estate shifts anticipated as we embrace 2021!


A Look Into the Crystal BallRealXperts: A Look Into the Crystal Ball

What will the real estate landscape look like in 2021? Join us to learn how external factors impacting real estate preferences are shifting. Homeowners are examining community selection, population density, and crime with a heightened focus.  As clients redefine desired amenities and space allocations to satisfy their needs today, some of the Internal factors they are rethinking include the concept and functionality of “home” as it serves the role of: office, school, social, church, fitness center and respite. Prepare for a successful 2021!


Solar Farms: Bumper Crop Real EstateRealXperts: Solar Farms: Bumper Crop Real Estate

Why are solar farms attractive NOW in today’s real estate market? Join us to explore this potential game changer for your real estate business plan. You’ll gain insight on expanding your real estate portfolio, identifying key attributes to evaluate land for a suitable solar farm, and learn the steps to be successful in this growing field. Opportunity awaits!


Why TEAMS WorkRealXperts: Why TEAMS Work!

Why are TEAMS a critical success factor in today’s real estate world? Our expert shares how an ultimate “Dream Team” works and the benefits to your clients in this highly competitive market. Also take a peek into the future of TEAMS and how you might augment your business model to achieve superior performance!


Reinventing your businessRealXperts: Reinventing Your Business in Challenging Times

Feeling isolated, depleted, forlorn? It's been a long road, this 2020. The foundation to a sustainable and satisfying real estate career is at your fingertips. You’ll hear our expert share secrets that reveal a road map to revitalizing your business and your client relationships. Now is the time to be intentional & purposeful with your actions. Join us and learn how.


The dynamic homeRealXperts: The Dynamic Home - Essential Habitat Redefined

Covid-19 has redefined our concept of home. More than a place to sleep, our homes are now our workplace, a school, and a refuge where we seek solace from the challenges we are facing. Tonya Jernberg, co-founder of Dynamic Home Design Consulting, discusses the concept of the dynamic home and how essential habitat is being redefined for yourself and your clients.


Doing real estate business in unusual timesRealXperts: Doing Business in Unusual Times

Our new normal requires us to think outside the box to put important actions into place. Take a look as Kayla Gustafson, managing broker of High Pointe Realty, Inc., shares her insights on when to pivot and when to double-down. In this webinar, you'l learn about behaviors that encourage an environment in which you can assess and redirect your efforts so that you and your business can thrive in unusual times.


COVID's impact on association livingRealXperts: COVID-19's Impact on Association Living

The effects of COVID-19 on common interest communities (CICs) are impacting everything from sale of property, essential decisions regarding the property, how decisions are made, and who makes them in unexpected circumstances. This webinar will discuss how CICs can protect the owners, guard privacy, address liabilities, and maintain the health of the entire CIC.


8 things you must do to survive and thrive in real estateRealXperts: Major Economic Disrupters: The Impact on Credit

The coronavirus will be one of the greatest disruptors in our nation’s history. We simply do not know the full extent yet, but here are a few of the immediate impacts. Credit scores for many will go down, the costs for home and auto insurance will increase, and qualifying for a home loan will become more difficult. In this webinar, we’ll examine the full impact of this major financial disruptor.


8 things you must do to survive and thrive in real estateRealXperts: The Great Eight: 8 Things You Must Do to Survive and Thrive in Real Estate

Steve Strickholm, president and founder of KnowledgeDNA Goal Tracker, presents a webinar on developing the lifelong skills real estate agents need to succeed in their careers. Steve's formula will help you understand how to track, prospect, and convert leads into sales. Steve teaches you how to set and hold goals and keep yourself accountable for your actions and on track to reach your goals.


5 Cutting Edge Trends in Real EstateRealXperts: Five Ways to Use Cutting Edge Trends to Build Your Brand and Increase Sales

New technology is impacting the real estate business in a big way. Dan Gerlock, CEO and Co-Founder of Realty Connection, gives you a peek at the top trending searches in real estate and tells you why that information is valuable. You’ll get tips for incorporating social media and new technologies into your marketing mix. You'll also learn what traits brokers are looking for in new agents, how to use broker comparison to grow your career, and the difference between what brokers offer in regards to commission and fees.


How do the TILA-RESPA changes affect real estate agents?RealXperts: TILA-RESPA - The Most Important Changes Affecting You

On October 3, 2015, the entire world of real estate closings was turned upside down. The Good Faith Estimate (GFE), Housing and Urban Development (HUD-1), and Truth-in-Lending forms are no longer be used in most residential mortgage closings. Expert Jerry Anderson brings over 30 years of industry experience to this discussion of how the new TILA-RESPA changes will immediately and profoundly affect you, your clients, and your closings.


30 Minutes That Could Save Your Life - Real Estate Agent SafetyRealXperts: 30 Minutes That Could Save Your Life

As a real estate professional, you are at risk every day. Your simple habits, fixed routine, and trusting attitude could make you an easy target for people with bad intentions. In this presentation, corporate security and risk management executive Carol Martinson teaches you where your biggest vulnerabilities exist and how to thwart them.



Leveraging Your Retirement Funds in Real EstateRealXperts: Be Your Own Bank - Leveraging Your Retirement Funds in Real Estate

Josh Manier presents a viable, long-term strategy for you and your clients in this high-impact presentation. Learn how you can leverage your own underperforming retirement funds by investing in something you already know…real estate. You have years of expertise in real estate, so stop listening to financial planners explain how they’ll invest your money in unknown, uncertain investments.


4 Tax Tips Every REALTOR Needs to KnowRealXperts: Four Tax Tips Every REALTOR® Should Know

Most self-employed real estate professionals forego valuable deductions out of uncertainty or fear of filing incorrectly and triggering an IRS audit. In this fast-paced tax savings webinar, Chris Bird shares his four most important tax strategies for real estate professionals. Chris is a former IRS agent with over 30 years of tax and financial experience. He clarifies the blurry rules and regulations, including the big audit trigger items like home office and vehicle deductions.


5 Steps to Making it in Real Estate SalesRealXperts: Five Critical Steps to Making it in Real Estate Sales

A career in real estate offers a lot of opportunity. Running your own business certainly has an upside, and for the first time in your life, you’ve got the opportunity to chase unlimited earning potential. As a result, many new agents come into the business with a lot of enthusiasm. But being successful in real estate requires more than just ambition. Successful Keller Williams real estate pro Josh Pomerleau details his Five Critical Steps to Making it in Real Estate Sales. You’ll hear directly from Josh on the strategies he’s employed to build his career, and learn how to leverage them to build yours as well.

Real Estate Hangover VideoRealXperts: Real Estate Hangover: Time to Wake Up!

Countless people lost everything as a result of the banking and real estate meltdown. These individuals may be down, but they are not out. They are committed to rebuilding their financial lives, but they may have little idea of how or where to start. This is where you come in. By having the knowledge to guide your clients in the right direction, you will differentiate yourself from others, strengthen your relationship with your existing clients, and open yourself to an entirely new group of potential clients. Every individual in this situation must work their way through the same basic steps. Financial services pro Todd Rooker will arm you to help clients move through these steps in a fraction of the time and be in a much stronger financial position on the other side.

Real Estate Agent SalaryToby Talks: What is a Real Estate Agent's Salary?

Curious about what type of income you could expect as a real estate professional? While real estate agents don't really have a set annual salary, Toby details all of the factors that influence the annual earning potential of a real estate professional. If you're looking for more information on a real estate agent's salary, this video serves as a good primer on the topic.



Real Estate Licensing Exam TipsToby Talks: 4 Tips for Success on Your Real Estate Licensing Exam

If you're preparing to sit for your real estate licensing exam, these tried and true tips will help you go into the exam with the confidence you need to be successful.



Great Closing Gift ideas for real estate buyers and sellersToby Talks: Choosing a Closing Gift that Makes a Lasting Impression

How much thought do you put into choosing a great closing gift? Toby details the attributes of a great closing gift that makes a lasting impression with your clients.



Do you have what it takes to be a good real estate agent?Toby Talks: What Are the Top Traits of a Successful Real Estate Agent?

People of all ages come into real estate from a variety of backgrounds. But there are several traits shared by the most successful ones.



Strategies for getting your first real estate client listingToby Talks: How Do I Get My First Real Estate Listing?

There are a few inherent challenges you will encounter when launching a real estate career. For instance, how will you secure your first real estate listing?



Are online real estate licensing courses as effective as live real estate licensing classes?Toby Talks: Are Online Real Estate Licensing Courses Effective?

Have you considered completing your real estate licensing education online? Toby Schifsky discusses the quality of online real estate education, and the characteristics of an effective course.



Toby Talks: Do I Need to Be a Marketing Expert to Be Successful in Real Estate?

Marketing and real estate sales go hand in hand. Find out how to employ effective marketing strategies that will help you attract more clients and close more deals.


I don't like my real estate broker. What Can I Do?Toby Talks: I Don't Like My Broker. What Can I Do?

If you and the broker you work under don't see eye to eye, you're welcome to leave, as an independent contractor, and find a new broker. But what considerations do you need to keep in mind before making that leap?



Do I need to work weekends to be successful in Real Estate?Toby Talks: Do I Need to Work Weekends to be Successful in Real Estate?

When people say you can "set your own schedule" as a real estate professional, what does that really mean? Toby explains real estate-related career paths that do and do not include weekend work.



Skills you need to transition from contractor to home inspectorToby Talks: What Skills Does a Contractor Need to Become a Successful Home Inspector?

Are you considering a move to a career in home inspection? Toby explains which skills you already have, and which skills you may need to develop further to succeed.


Toby Talks: How Do I Choose the Right Broker for Me?

Whether you're newly licensed or you've been in the real estate business for years, there are questions you should be asking brokers before deciding whether or not to hang your license with them. In this edition of Toby Talks, Toby Schifsky examines those questions to help you make an informed decision.


Toby Talks: College Doesn't Interest Me. Is Real Estate a Good Career Option?

Toby Schifsky explains some of the advantages of pursuing a real estate career as an alternative to college. He also explains the #1 factor separating successful and unsuccessful real estate professionals.



Toby Talks: Is Real Estate a Good Career Option After Retirement?

There are several traits of a real estate career that make it popular to people looking to stay busy and earn additional money in retirement. Toby Schifsky discusses those traits, and offers tips for people considering earning their real estate license in retirement.


Toby Talks: How Aggressive Should I be with Social Media?

A large segment of your target audience is logging on to social media platforms every day. In this Toby Talks installment, Toby covers a few tips for marketing your real estate business with social media.



Toby Talks: Can a Full-Time College Student Work Part Time in Real Estate Sales?

You're a college student looking for a part-time job to help ease the financial burden of college. What about real estate? Many of the skills you will develop in real estate sales will be valuable and applicable in almost any future career. Find out more in this installment of Toby Talks!


Toby Talks: Is Now a Good Time to Start a Real Estate Career?

It's a popular question we hear from a lot of prospective students who are considering a real estate career. You want to know you're choosing the right time to launch your career. In this installment of Toby Talks, national director Toby Schifsky, explains the factors influencing the health of the market in his answer.


Toby Talks: Does it Really Matter What Kind of Car I Drive?

What does the car you drive say about you to clients? First impressions are incredibly powerful. But do clients really care about the type of car you're driving? Toby discusses this topic in the latest installment of Toby Talks.



Toby Talks: Should I Be Door Knocking?

As a newly licensed real estate professional, or a seasoned professional whose leads list could use some work, you need to constantly be working on business growth. Toby discusses a time-honored real estate tactic in this episode of Toby Talks, and explores the value of door knocking in developing new leads.


Toby Talks: Do I Need a Business Plan?

For many newly licensed real estate professionals, this is the first time they've been put in the driver's seat of their own careers. That comes with a lot of advantages. It also comes with a lot of responsibility. Toby explains the value of a business plan in launching your real estate business, and staying focused on growth and success.


Toby Talks: I'm Thinking About Switching Careers. Is Real Estate a Good Option?

Making a career change can be a difficult process. There's always the fear of the unknown. How much time and money will you have to invest to get started? Are you qualified to work in the industry you want to enter? Will you even like your new career? In this installment, Toby explains some of the reasons why real estate is a popular industry among career changers.


Toby Talks: I Passed My Exam and Selected a Broker. Now What?

Congratulations! You've reached a major accomplishment, and you're ready to start your career. Learn the steps you should take first in getting your new career off the ground, and find out what additional courses you may be required to take as a newly licensed real estate salesperson.


Toby Talks: Are Open Houses Still Valuable?

The Open House is a long-standing tradition in real estate marketing. But in the age of virtual open houses, website listings, and well-edited property videos, is there still a place for Open Houses in your real estate marketing mix?