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2015 Supervisor and Trainee Appraiser Requirement Changes

2015 Supervisor and Trainee Requirement Changes

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Updated: January 29, 2019 


The Appraisal Qualifications Board (AQB) researched and reviewed investigations across the country regarding the relationships and practices of supervisory appraisers with their trainees between 2008 and 2010. The board realized that many states had requirements for the registration and training of supervisors and trainees. The board also realized that many of the relationships and practices were lacking in the basic principles that would promote public trust. In 2011, the AQB proposed national rules for supervisory and trainee appraisers that were adopted and published in 2013. The ASB guidance was effective as of January 1, 2015. Since that time, many states adopted rules regarding supervisors and trainees.

What is the National Requirement?

The AQB minimum criteria apply if a state has a supervisor or trainee classification. A new requirement for both trainee and supervisory appraisers is to take a course covering the expectations and responsibilities of appraisers in these roles. The course must be taken prior to starting any new training relationship. Although the national requirements do not require current trainee or supervisory appraisers to attend this course, many of the states are adding this level to their requirements.

Supervisory Appraisers Must be in “Good Standing”

Eligibility for becoming a supervisor includes the term good standing, along with the requirement of being certified. Good standing refers to prior disciplinary proceedings in which the supervisory appraiser may have been involved. Supervisors are in good standing if they are not currently involved in a disciplinary action in any state or for the three years prior to beginning supervision. This definition has encouraged the states to require adopting rules for both trainees and supervisors to register with their boards.

Direct Supervision

Direct supervision of trainees is a large part of the new rules as well. Supervisors are responsible for the training, guidance, education, and experience logs of their trainees. There are minimum experience log categories that must be reported, including sections for the supervisor to report progress and assistance. Each state has created their own log under the new rules, along with how often the log must be signed, who should retain the log, and how the log will be completed. One of the major areas of concern to supervisory appraisers is accompanying trainees on inspections. The AQB provides the supervisor with this responsibility of personally inspecting the properties with the trainee until the trainee is competent under the Competency Rule of USPAP. However, some states have adopted rules requiring a minimum number of inspections or require the supervisor to inspect all properties with a trainee. An appraiser’s clients will also be a determining factor regarding when trainees are allowed to complete the inspection on their own. HUD and VA already have limitations on trainee assistance.

Appraisers who are, or are interested in, training new appraisers should be aware of these criteria. We are developing courses covering the national criteria, as well as requirements in some states. Stay updated with the changes in your state by visiting your state’s website. To find your state’s website, visit the Appraisal Sub Committee website. To view courses in your state, visit www.kapre.com/appraisal-courses.