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Kaplan University School of Professional and Continuing Education Kaplan University School of Professional and Continuing Education

Scams, Scoundrels, and Real Estate Stings (6-Credit Hours)

Scams, Scoundrels and Real Estate Stings_PA Broker CE

Price: $49.00

Credit Hours: 6

Credit Hours: 6

Key Points:

Become an invaluable resource to your client by learning how to spot scammers at the first sniff of trouble.

Real Estate-related scams have come a long way and are far-reaching. Learn about the newest schemes, like flopping, and how today’s high- and low-tech scammers prey on the unsuspecting. You’ll learn how scams hurt your reputation and the liability that comes with being associated with a real estate scam.

This course takes you one crime at a time, on the journey of sleuthing the facts, recognizing who is liable, assessing the consequences, and revealing the resources that will help you avoid the dark side of the industry today. Whether it’s a vague seller disclosure or a suspicious short sale practice, you have come to the right place to solve the mystery. Learn how you can sting-proof your reputation while keeping your clients out of harm’s way and protecting their interests.

Topics Include:

  • Straw buyers
  • Dodgy disclosures
  • Leasing cons
  • Short sale and foreclosure swindles
  • Legal liabilities: agent and client
  • Reporting and resources