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Virginia Post-Licensing: Contract Writing (6-Credit Hours)

Virginia Post-Licensing: Contract Writing

Price: $39.00

Credit Hours: 6

Key Points:

Learn key information about how to seal the deal in this course!

Because the contract is so critical to every transaction, knowing contracts inside and out is critical for the real estate professional. Contracts tie directly to your paycheck and can keep you out of litigation. Contract issues can delay the transaction and cause problems with client expectations. Learn the basics about the contracts you will encounter every day, including how a contingency affects a contract, limitations on ownership rights, and how to avoid making common mistakes.

Key Benefits:

  • This course fulfills your 6 hours of contract writing training requirement as part of the mandatory 30 hours of Virginia postlicensing education
  • Learn how an easement, encroachment, and a license impact the use of real estate
  • Explore the process of offer and acceptance as well as counteroffer of a sales contract
  • Review the purpose and disposition of an earnest money deposit