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Virginia 30-Hour Post Licensing Package

Virginia 30-Hour Post Licensing Package

Price: $159.00

Credit Hours: 30

Key Points:

Complete all 30 hours of the required post-licensing education with this timely Residential package from Kaplan!

This convenient Residential post-licensing package provides everything you need to maintain your salesperson’s real estate license in Virginia. You’ll complete the state required hours of approved education with Kaplan’s industry-leading online course content. Don’t wait to enroll – this package is stacked with timely market-sensitive content and business-building strategies being employed by thousands of successful licensees. Keep your career going – enroll now!


Virginia Postlicensing : Agency Law (3 Credit Hours)— Mastery of the sometimes perplexing concepts of agency law is crucial to the practice of real estate. In this course, you will learn the relationship between a principal and an agent, an agent's authority, and an agent's duties, including fiduciary duties and the disclosure of agency. You will also learn about the termination of an agent's authority, employment law, deceptive trade practices, and listing or buying representation procedures.

Virginia Postlicensing: Real Estate Finance (2 Credit Hours)—This 2-hour course covers the new real estate-related finance requirement as laid out in the updated Virginia 30-hour Post-License Education curriculum. You will learn the basics of real estate finance along with important information for staying up-to-speed in today’s fast-moving real estate economy.

Virginia Postlicensing: Current Industry Issues and Trends (2 Credit Hours)—This course will help you to stay current with recent issues and trends in the real estate industry. You will discuss laws and legislation that affect your day-to-day activities, learn to use social media to build your business while staying compliant with regulations guiding its use, and how to identify and market a short sale property. This course can help to guide you to success in today’s ever-changing market!

Virginia Postlicensing: Real Estate Law and Board Regulations (6 Credit Hours)—You will learn about crucial information you need to operate in the state of Virginia, including the latest legislative updates. Topics covered include lead-based paint, Megan’s Law, the Service Members Civil Relief Act, TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule (TRID), National Flood Hazard Insurance, all required disclosures, Virginia Real Estate Board disciplinary actions, building codes, and smoke detectors. This course describes the interrelationship among the Virginia Administrative Code, the Code of Virginia, and the real estate regulations.

Virginia Postlicensing: Contract Writing (6 Credit Hours)—Because the contract is so critical to every transaction, knowing contracts inside and out is critical for the real estate professional. Contracts are tied directly to your paycheck and can keep you out of litigation, while contract issues can cause delays to the transaction and problems with client expectations.

Virginia Postlicensing: Escrow Requirements (3 Credit Hours)—This course explores the escrow requirements and the corresponding laws from the Code of Virginia. It includes discussions of deposits, trust monies, proper handling of escrow accounts and recent clarifications of escrow reporting requirements.

Virginia Postlicensing: Risk Management (3 Credit Hours)—It’s hard to sell homes from inside a courtroom. We live in a litigious society, and whenever there is an issue in a real estate transaction, somebody inevitably points a finger at the agent. Today more than ever, you need to know the laws and fastidiously adhere to sound risk management practices.

Virginia Postlicensing: Ethics and Standards of Conduct (3 Credit Hours)—Learn the relationship between real estate ethics and Virginia law. In this course, you will explore the impact of fraud in today’s marketplace, behavior requirements that apply specifically to principal brokers, and review examples of improper behavior.  This is a great refresher course on ethics for every real estate pro.

Virginia Postlicensing: Fair Housing (2 Credit Hours)— Real estate agents continuously must deal with ever-increasing regulations. Although the Federal Fair Housing Act has been in force for over 40 years, the way it is applied to everyday real estate continues to evolve.  This is your chance to get up to speed on fair housing requirements and be sure you are following the law. You will review actual case law and discover practical, down-to-earth examples that give you the know-how and tools to stay in compliance.