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Mediate–Litigate–Arbitrate: Be Informed (2-Credit Hours) (#40911)

Mediate–Litigate–Arbitrate: Be Informed Online Video Course

Price: $19.00

Credit Hours: 2

Key Points:

Ever wonder what the difference is between mediation, litigation, and arbitration, and when each is best suited for the situation?

Learn the features, advantages, benefits, and limitations of each of these three dispute resolution types in order to help you educate your clients concerning their choices at critical and often tense decision making junctures. Each of the three dispute resolution types are examined and explained in simple yet comprehensive terms to enable your understanding and increase your confidence. Explore the difference between binding and non-binding arbitration, the defining elements and consequences of both, as well as the potential for an arbitration appeal. Real-life situations illustrate each dispute resolution option to help you gain relevant and applicable knowledge to use in future situations, limit your chances of being sued, and prepare you for the real estate world of today.