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Buying Within Your Budget (4-Credit Hours)

Buying Within Your Budget OnDemand Course

Price: $39.00

Credit Hours: 4

Key Points:

Ben Franklin had it right: "A penny saved is a penny earned."  Learn how to budget correctly and make sound purchasing decisions.

This course is delivered in our stunning OnDemand video lecture format. With Kaplan’s OnDemand video lectures, you have the ability to access professional instruction anytime and anywhere you have an Internet connection! Filled with studio and “onsite” video learning objectives, this OnDemand course engages, enlightens, and entertains!

Over half of all American households cannot sustain their monthly financial obligations without available credit to cover emergencies. The dramatic decline of real estate values, the elimination of second mortgages, and reduced access to available credit of any kind have forced many consumers to a place they have never been.

Learning how to budget is essential to getting out of debt and making the best decision when buying a home. Instructor Todd Rooker will teach you methods to help your clients decrease debt, improve credit, and save more of their hard-earned money.

Big changes come from small steps. In this course, you’ll learn how to create a plan and follow through with it to achieve financial freedom. Many people want to save more, but don’t know where to start or lack restraint to stop spending. Just because your clients qualify for a certain loan amount doesn’t mean they can afford it. Clients that understand how to budget correctly can make effective and smart decisions when making any purchase, including home buying.  Learn how to live on what you earn - to the penny!

Topics Include:

  • Why people overspend
  • Budgeting with a purpose
  • Decreasing your debt
  • Credit card management
  • Improving credit scores
  • Avoiding financial pitfalls
  • Managing a budget for the self-employed
  • Purchasing a home within your budget