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Good, Better, Best: When Price, Quality, and Value All Matter (6-Credit Hours)

Good, Better, Best: When Price, Quality, and Value All Matter

Price: $49.00

Credit Hours: 6

Key Points:

Finally, a course that tells you everything you need to know about legitimate value in today’s rigorous appraisal world. Calling all real estate agents, contractors, builders, and appraisers: prepare to be guided through the covert back alleys of home valuation, looking at products and features with the through the lens of an appraiser, contractor/builder, AND real estate professional.

You’ll learn the universal language used by appraisers—providing you knowledge that pays when advising clients on everything from product selection to an appropriate offer on a property, or on identifying an appropriate listing price for a property. You’ll acquire an insider’s view of how value is defined and assigned by the appraiser. Also, you’ll understand the consumer criteria of price, longevity, performance, aesthetics, and resale value for a variety of property elements.

Learn what does and does not have monetary value in an appraiser’s eyes, getting a snapshot of the essential tools and assessment methods used to establish the ultimate value of a property. You’ll also learn how to help your clients identify poor quality in spite of acceptable appearance. Find out what the most surprising low-cost, high-value materials are, what type of siding lasts the longest, and which foundation type will save homeowners the most money in the long run.

Learn about the real differences in construction quality, and what has monetary value in addition to aesthetic value. Learn how to translate otherwise confusing terms and definitions into useful information you can communicate to your clients. Whether your interest is in existing property, new construction, or proposed renovations, you’ll pick up essential information to increase your professional competence.

Topics include:

  • Appraisal 101: what appraisers do and why it matters to you
  • What the new quality numbers mean to your clients
  • Differentiating characteristics of architectural styles and construction features
  • Products and materials that create value
  • Communicating quality distinctions to clients to improve knowledge and selection