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New Mexico Real Estate State Requirements

Associate Broker Licensing

Requirements to Obtain an Associate Broker License:

  • Be at least 18 years of age 
  • Be a legal resident of the United States. State residency is not required.
  • Complete 90 hours of approved education consisting of 30 hours in Real Estate Law, 30 hours in Real Estate Principles and Practice and 30 hours of Broker Basics (or if currently licensed in another state contact the New Mexico Real Estate Commission for possible waiver letter).
    • All 90 hours must be completed prior to taking the state exam.
  • An Associate Broker is licensed to act on behalf of a Qualifying Broker, and may not act as a real estate agent independently.
  • Take and pass both the national portion and the state portion of the licensing exam.
  • For more information about the exam please visit: www.psiexams.com
  • Within six months of passing the licensing exam you must submit your licensing application, send required documentation and pay appropriate fees.
  • For more information regarding the application process please visit: New Mexico Boards and Commissions

Qualifying Broker Licensing 

Requirements to Obtain a Qualifying Broker License:

  • Non-Supervisory Qualifying Broker applicant must have been active as an Associate Broker or Salesperson for at least two of the last five years.
  • Supervisory Qualifying Broker applicant must have been active as an Associate Broker or Salesperson for at least four of the last five years
  • To obtain your license, you will need to complete:
  • Broker Basics (30 Credit Hours) (not required if licensed as an Associate Broker in New Mexico after January 2006)
  • Brokerage Office Administration (30 Credit Hours)
  • Documented qualifying transactional experience totaling 100 points, with at least one transaction accomplished during each of the four years.
  • Completion of the eight-hour Understanding and Using RANM Forms course, or at least eight hours of other commission approved contract courses
  • Completion of a minimum of eight hours of elective courses in the professional track of the applicant
  • Attendance at one New Mexico real estate commission meeting, public hearing, or disciplinary hearing
  • For more information regarding the application process please visit: New Mexico Boards and Commissions

Continuing Education

NEW Beginning January 1, 2017! New Mexico CE Requirement

The Real Estate Commission increased continuing education requirements from 30 to 36 hours per licensing cycle.  The most significant change was the institution of an annual, four (4) hour Core Course requirement.  The Core Course substitutes for the eight (8) hour Mandatory Course.

The Commission also added requirements for licensees to take a four (4) hour core elective in their areas of specialty during each licensing cycle.  These areas of specialty include: Commercial, Residential, Vacant Land and Property Management.  Finally, the Commission put into place a requirement that all licensees include four (4) hours of Ethics electives per each licensing cycle.

The requirement of 36 hours will be made up of a cumulative 12 hours of the four (4) hour Core Course taken annually, the four (4) hour core elective, and the four (4) hour Ethics elective, all totaling twenty (20) hours of the thirty-six (36).  The remaining sixteen (16) hours can be made up of any commission approved courses.

Licensees continue to be restricted to ten (10) hours of Training category courses.

Qualifying Broker Requirement
All qualifying brokers must take the Qualifying Broker Refresher Course to renew their license every three
years. This course does not give you any CE credit hours toward your 36-hour renewal requirement.

Additional Requirements for all renewals.
The New Mexico Real Estate Commission requires a background check on all applicants for Brokers license (new or renewal).  Fingerprinting is a require part of the background check and is handled through the Live Scan system administered by 3M Cogent.

You must register at www.cogentid.com before you complete the live fingerprint scan for matching with a
national arrest record database. Fingerprinting shall be done no earlier than 21 days prior to submitting documents to apply for your license. You may find a full Fingerprint Source List for New Mexico Residents on
the commission’s website at www.rld.state.nm.us/boards/Real_Estate_Commission_Requirements_and_