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Broker Basics Live Online Course

Broker Basics Classroom Course

Price: $269.00

Credit Hours: 30

Key Points:

This 30-hour course is mandatory for anyone seeking a real estate broker or qualifying broker license. 

It concentrates on the skills required to successfully operate a real estate office. You’ll gain a necessary understanding of the specific responsibilities and scope of authority assigned to each license type.  Additionally, you’ll be exposed to risk reduction techniques that will help you to mitigate threats to your transactions.  Your understanding of the laws and how to work within the boundaries of your authority are paramount to a successful career. 

Topics Include:

  • New Mexico Real Estate License Law
  • Brokerage Relationships
  • Property Management
  • Laws Affecting Real Estate Transactions
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Common Forms

Key Benefits: 

  • Understand the rules and law of the real estate commission
  • Differentiate between landlord and tenant responsibilities
  • List repositories defined as acceptable financial institutions
  • Understand requirements for septic inspections
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