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Avoiding Deceptive Practices (4-Credit Hours)

Avoiding Deceptive Practices (4-Credit Hours)
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Price: $34.00

Credit Hours: 4

Key Points:

Advances in marketing and advertising technology and methodology are great for business, but can be worrisome for regulators who are tasked with ensuring consumers aren't being deceived through ads and testimonials. This course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and information you need to protect consumers, and to fulfill the disclosure and transparency requirements of federal law and regulations by avoiding business practices that can result in consumer confusion and deception. Learning objectives and key concepts are reinforced with 170 minutes of video instruction, as well as interactive practice activities, quick quizzes, and unit exams.

New Format: This course includes a physical textbook that ships upon enrollment and an online component to complete unit quizzes.

Topics include:

  • Federal Laws and Consumer Deception
  • Understanding Complaints in the Real Estate Marketplace
  • Team Names, Fictitious Names, and Brands
  • The Dangers of Using Endorsements

The course category is elective.