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Qualifying Broker Refresher Live Online Class

NM_Qualifying Broker Refresher Class

Price: $99.00

Credit Hours: 6

Key Points:

All qualifying brokers must take this course to renew their real estate license every three years!

All qualifying brokers must take the Qualifying Broker Refresher course to renew their real estate license. Even qualifying brokers who are otherwise exempt from mandatory continuing education must take this course. This course does not count for any CE credit hours toward your 36-hour renewal requirement. It is important to note that the Qualifying Broker Refresher is just that—a refresher course.  This course is not a thorough teaching on any one topic, but rather a review of information that qualifying brokers should understand.

This course is designed to be interactive to maximize its benefit to you. It is structured around six modules, a fictional case study, and the New Mexico Real Estate Commission Rule book. You will also find extra resources and additional information located at the end of each module.

Topics Include:

  • Qualifying broker roles, responsibilities, and requirements
  • Qualifying broker duties and rules that impact qualifying brokers
  • Legislative and regulatory influences
  • Impact of judicial decisions on a brokerage
  • Risk reduction in the 21st century

Key Benefits:

  • Differentiate between the responsibilities of a qualifying broker and an associate broker as described in a brokerage according to Part 16 and Part 17 of the New Mexico Real Estate Commission Rules
  • Implement policies that will ensure compliance with the rules in your brokerage
  • Identify key compliance issues for a brokerage as required by various Federal and New Mexico legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Analyze selected court cases to determine the implications that each judicial decision has on qualifying brokers and their respective brokerages
  • Develop risk reduction policies for the brokerage

IMPORTANT: All students attending a live online class must have their webcams enabled and remain in view of their camera for the entire duration of the class. Kaplan also requires the use of Zoom for live online classes. You must have Zoom downloaded and installed on your computer/laptop, and you must have a Zoom account.