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Kaplan University School of Professional and Continuing Education Kaplan University School of Professional and Continuing Education

Repurposing Property: Friend, Foe, or the American Dream? Live Online Class (4-Credit Hours)

NC Complete 90-Hour Postlicensing Live Online Package

Price: $69.00

Credit Hours: 4

What does it mean to repurpose property, and how does it apply to today’s real estate market? This course presents many opportunities currently untapped for buyers, sellers, and licensees, including strategies for bringing people together to make these projects possible. Students will learn tips for obtaining community support that can result in successful projects that benefit entire neighborhoods. The text-plus-video format and a series of case studies will engage students and inspire them to seek opportunities in repurposing properties.

Topics Covered:

  • The Supersizing of Homes
  • Crowdfunding—The Future of Real Estate Finance?
  • Putting Foreclosed Properties Back to Use
  • Urban Repurposing Trends
  • Repurposing Suburbia
  • Rural Repurposing

The course category is elective.