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Commercial Real Estate Sales Live Online Class (2-Credit Hours)

NM Commercial Real Estate Sales Class

Price: $34.00

Credit Hours: 2

Key Points:

Clear up any questions you may have that relate to commercial real estate sales in one easy-to-follow format!

The spectrum of commercial real estate sales encompasses a large array of property categories, and each commonly carries with it various degrees of complexity that have to be taken into account. The most common way to view commercial real estate sales are categorically by vacant land, pending construction, those with a structure or structures on premises, and those properties that are already comprised of existing tenants.

This course will give you a simple review of how commercial real estate sales really work in today’s market.

Key Benefits:

  • Examine the sale of vacant land and how to attain value.
  • Understand structural presence and external facets.
  • Learn the importance of gathering all of the financial details of tenant-occupied property.
  • Identify how converting figures into numbers that define pricing is as easy as knowing how the formulas work.