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Commercial Real Estate Fundamentals Live Online Class (2-Credit Hours)

NM Commercial Real Estate Fundamentals Class

Price: $34.00

Credit Hours: 2

Key Points:

To get a quick refresher, or a simple breakdown of how commercial real estate works, this course can help!

Forming an essential, necessary, base or core, one of central importance. This is the description of the term fundamental. In the practice of commercial real estate, there exist many categories, types, and specialties. In each case, the fundamentals behind the vocation are utilized to help form the essential core of principles. Commercial real estate itself generally refers to property that is intended to generate a profit. This typically takes the form of capital gains, sales, or some other type of rental income that utilizes the real estate itself.

  • This course is a concise guide designed to help filter through some of the complexities related to commercial real estate and to narrow the comprehensive scope to a more basic format.

Topics Include:

  • Introduction to commercial real estate formats
  • Dimensions and their roles
  • Application of components
  • Terminology for commercial real estate