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Nevada Ethics: Know the Code (3-Credit Hours) (CE.5499002-RE)

Nevada Ethics: Know the Code (3-Credit Hours) - Salesperson CE

Price: $29.00

Credit Hours: 3

Key Points:

Doing the right thing can be more difficult than you think.

Ethics—the word echoes off the walls of the boardroom, the classroom, the locker room. But what does it really mean? Ethics may be the buzzword of the day, but it is also one of the oldest topics of discussion. From Socrates teaching in a Greek forum to the U.S. Congress holding hearings on the use of steroids in sports, ethics and ethical behavior has always been a hotly debated issue. In the real estate industry, this course explores the questions, “How important is it to do the right thing?” and “Is the right thing always the same in all circumstances?”

Using unique case studies, you will explore situations where the correct behavior is not always simple and requires debate. In addition, you will gain a clear understanding of who in Nevada decides what the right behavior is, as well as to what standard you will be measured. Interesting and thought provoking, this ethics course delivers.

Topics Include:

  • Ethics—Unique Case Studies
  • Agency Relationships
  • NAR Code of Ethics
  • Code Enforcement in Nevada