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Nevada Agency: Who Represents Whom? (3-Credit Hours) (CE.5503002-RE)

Nevada Agency: Who Represents Whom? - Broker CE

Price: $29.00

Credit Hours: 3

Key Points:

In the game of “he said, she said” the agent always loses.

The relationship between a real estate licensee and the parties involved in a real estate transaction is not a simple one. In addition to the parties’ assumptions and expectations, the licensee is subject to a wide range of legal and ethical requirements designed to protect the seller, the buyer, and the transaction itself.

This course begins with a general overview of the potential players in an agency relationship and then moves into an in-depth look at the law and creation of agency, along with specific agency relationships in Nevada. You will learn the fiduciary responsibilities owed by licensees under Nevada law, what constitutes breach of duty, agency liabilities, and the disclosure, confirmation, and termination of agency relationships. Packed full of everything you need to know about Nevada Agency, this course is a must!

Topics Include:

  • Agency Law
  • Creation of Agency
  • Agency Relationships
  • Fiduciary Responsibilities
  • Duties Owed by Nevada Law
  • Disclosure and Confirmation
  • Breach of Duty—Consequences
  • Liabilities
  • Termination of Agency