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Dually Approved Licensing

Minnesota to Wisconsin Real Estate Licensing Reciprocity

Are you one of the many Minnesota real estate licensees who has considered obtaining your Wisconsin real estate license, but you didn’t want the hassle? Well, we have good news! The Wisconsin licensing process is a snap for salespersons already licensed in Minnesota!

Our course satisfies the credit hour requirements for salespersons, as a Kaplan student, you'll only need to take this course once in your career. 

Wisconsin to Minnesota Real Estate Licensing Reciprocity

If you are not a resident of Minnesota, and you hold a Wisconsin salesperson or broker license, there’s now a convenient way to obtain your Minnesota license. Our two-day Wisconsin to Minnesota License Course is a shortcut for Wisconsin resident licensees who want to obtain a Minnesota license of the same level. Prepared, scheduled, and presented to meet the needs of busy Wisconsin real estate professionals, Wisconsin to Minnesota Reciprocity Course will teach you exactly how to comply with Minnesota laws.

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