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Georgia Real Estate License and Continuing Education - Curriculum by Kaplan

Georgia Real Estate Licensing and Continuing Education

The Finest Online Real Estate School in Georgia

When launching or advancing your real estate career, there is no better choice than Brightwood College, powered by Kaplan Real Estate Education. We have the education you need to complete your Georgia license education or continuing education license renewal. When it comes to your Georgia real estate exam, We offer the most comprehensive exam prep available. Your courses are offered by Brightwood College | Hammond.

Our online real estate school is approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission and our courses are designed to keep you at the forefront of the real estate profession. Trust us to walk you through the Georgia real estate license requirements and show you how to become a real estate agent in Georgia.

Online Real Estate Courses in Georgia

Don’t waste your time sitting in a classroom when you can take your courses online! With our online real estate courses, you can get your license, prepare for your exam, or renew your license all online. Not only are our online courses convenient, but they also offer full access anywhere you have Internet access. In addition, you have the ability to start your courses immediately and track your progress (you can start and stop anywhere in the course). You’ve got one chance to pick an education provider, so don’t let it be the wrong one. Stick with us, and we’ll help you complete your education and get back to business quickly!

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