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Colorado Real Estate State Requirements

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Broker Licensing

Requirements to Obtain a Broker License:

  • Be at least 18 years of age 
  • Complete 168 hours of Commission-approved licensing real estate education, and receive proof of this education from their school (form REC 33).
  • Pass both the National and State portions of the PSI Colorado Broker Licensing Exam.
  • Within one year of passing the Colorado Broker Licensing Exam, submit a Broker’s License Application and all supporting documentation, including a fingerprint form. An employing broker must sign the application, and proof of Errors and Omissions Insurance must also be provided. Lastly, the license fees must be paid in full.
  • For more information about the exam and application please visit: Colorado Real Estate Commission

Employing Broker Licensing 

Requirements to Obtain an Employing Broker License:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Complete 24 hrs of Commission-approved education.
  • Must have two years of active experience as an Associate Broker
  • Must have passed the state portion of the exam either when you first obtained your license of since that time.
  • After completion of the education apply for a change in level with the state.
    • Real Estate Broker Authority (REC-LA-07-04)
    • Note: Upgrading your license will not change your expiration date.
  • For more general  information please visit: Colorado Real Estate Commission
  • Do you need the Employing Broker Refresher Course?

Continuing Education

  • All active real estate brokers need to complete 24 hours of Commission approved continuing education during a three year license cycle.
  • 12 hours must be comprised of three different versions of the four hour Annual Commission
  • Update Course.
  • 12 hours must be comprised of any combination of Commission approved elective courses.
  • If any Annual Commission Update Course is missed during a license period you may complete one of the following options:
    • Take and pass the state portion of the licensing exam
    • Take the 24 hour Broker Reactivation course
    • Complete 48 hours of Colorado Contracts and Regulations and the 24 hour Broker Administration course equaling 72 hours.
  • If a licensee has been inactive for longer than three years/36 months, the licensee MUST complete either the State portion of the Colorado Broker's Exam or 48 Hours in Colorado Contracts & Requirements and 24 hours in Real Estate Closings for a total of 72 hours