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How do I get my Colorado Real Estate license?

Requirements to Obtain Your Colorado Broker License

To earn your real estate license in Colorado, you must be at least 18 years of age, register for 168 hours of required education, submit to fingerprinting and a background check, complete your required education, register for and take the broker licensing exam, and find a sponsoring broker. While the process to become a real estate agent is similar in most states, each state has unique steps that must be adhered to. The six steps to becoming a Colorado real estate agent are as follows:

1. Must be at Least 18 Years of Age

In addition to being at least 18 years of age, you must also be a legal US citizen.

2. Register for 168 Hours of Required Education

In order to apply for the Colorado Real Estate License Exam, the state requires you to complete 168 hours of DORA-approved college level real estate courses. Brightwood College, powered by Kaplan Real Estate Education, offers four education options that fulfill the 168-hour requirement.

Learn more about DORA-approved education.

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3. Fingerprinting and Background Check

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) must receive your fingerprints and run a routine background check before the state grants you a license to sell real estate. Because it can take several weeks to complete this process, you should start early. Call 800.276.7031 for fingerprinting hours at the Denver location!

4. Complete Your Required Education.

Whether you are fresh out of school or have been away for many years, our organized programs will get you on track and keep you there. Visit the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies website to determine the education that’s required.

5. Register For and Take the Broker Licensing Exam

Once you have completed your required education, you can apply for your license exam. Don’t forget to take advantage of Brightwood’s Exam Prep Course. It will help ensure you are fully prepared for success on exam day. You need a score of 75% or better to pass your exam, but as a Brightwood student, you will be confident and prepared for the exam. Provide the Colorado Real Estate Commission with a social security number or other accepted identification to the Colorado Real Estate Commission. In order to schedule an exam reservation, call PSI Candidate Care Center at 800.733.9267.

6. Find a Sponsoring Broker

Finally, you need to find a sponsoring broker and complete your license application with the Colorado Real Estate Commission. Please note: The employing broker is the one who files the application on the Colorado DORA website.

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