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Colorado Real Estate Licensing Exam Information

Fingerprinting & Exam Provider Information

  1. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) must receive your fingerprints and run a routine background check before the state grants the license to sell real estate. For information on fingerprinting and scheduling an appointment please see this document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1G4PlmXkoIY3Sxtr3uHnEYWdGE_Lluz1K3wHOWyTdrdU/edit 
  2. To schedule the Associate Broker Licensing Exam, see the Real Estate Candidate Information Bulletin, Exam Registration Information or for any exam questions, please visit www.psiexams.com
    1. Exam testing locations are:
      1. Centennial
      2. Colorado Springs
      3. Durango
      4. Fort Collins
      5. Grand Junction
      6. Pueblo
    2. Wheat Ridge
    3. Two forms of identification are required to sit for the licensing exam. One must be a valid form of government-issued identification
      1. Driver’s license
      2. State ID
      3. Passport
    4. The second must have your signature and preprinted legal name
  3. Exam Time frames:
    1. National:
      1. 80 questions
      2. Passing score is 60 correct questions
      3. Time Allowed: 120 Minutes (2 hours)
    2. State:
      1. 74 questions
      2. Passing score is 53 correct questions
      3. Time Allowed: 110 Minutes (1 hr and 50 minutes)
  4. Helpful Tips for Exam Day:
    1. Arrive at least 30 minutes before your appointment.
    2. All candidates MUST bring a copy of all six course completion certificates (also known as the REC-33)
    3. The following items will NOT be permitted in the exam room:
      1. Cell phones
      2. Purses
      3. Wallets
      4. Backpacks
      5. Briefcases
      6. Suitcases
      7. Food
      8. Drink
      9. Study materials
      10. Tablets
      11. Portable computers
      12. Radios
      13. Calculators
      14. Cameras
      15. Recording devices
      16. Electronic and smart watches
      17. Lapel pins
      18. Tie backs
      19. Bulky or loose clothing or coats
      20. Hats or headgear not worn for religious reasons
  5. Scores of the exam will be presented immediately following completion of the exam. Exam results will be reported to students and DORA.