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Business Brokerage Training Course

Professional Business Brokers—The Skills You Need to Achieve Success!

Help the richest generation on the planet retire by selling their businesses!

Are you missing a prime opportunity? 55 million baby boomers will retire in the next 12 years.  Who are they going to turn to in order to sell their business? What about those people who want to live the American dream and buy a business? Business Brokerage offers these sellers and buyers professional representation and an opportunity as a career or for your brokerage to create a new and growing revenue stream or career for yourself.

How does Business Brokerage Work?
Just like buyers and sellers that hire a real estate professional to help them buy or sell a home, business owners and would be owners hire Business Brokers to help them buy or sell a business.  As a Business Broker you can expect to receive a commission between 8%-12% of the sales price on every transaction!

Who can be a Business Broker?
In many states there is no licensing requirement to be a Business Broker and in others you must have a real estate license or business broker certificate to practice. Check with your state regulatory body to review the specific state requirements regarding Business Broker licensing.

What skills lend to success as a Business Broker?
If you understand how listing agreements, buyer representation agreements, and purchase agreements work and are competent in marketing, networking, and relationship building you have the foundational skills that many successful business brokers share.

How do I start doing Business Brokerage?
Business brokers aren’t born, they are made. The good news is in less than one week you can gain a full understanding of all the facets of Business Brokerage through Kaplan’s 30-hour Business Brokerage Training Course. This comprehensive online course is written and presented by some of this country’s most successful Business Brokers. In this course you’ll learn everything you need to start doing Business Brokerage. From setting up an effective office to the preliminary steps you take before meeting a client  to listing, valuing, marketing, selling, and finally closing on a business sale, we cover it all.

Change your future and enroll today!!

Please Note: Professional Development courses DO NOT provide continuing education credit.