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Pennsylvania Home Inspection Requirements

Pennsylvania Legislative Summary

The Residential Real Estate Transfers law, which went into effect in December 2001, was intended to ensure a certain level of professionalism in the work performed by home inspectors-providing guidelines and requirements to regulate the performance of home inspectors within Pennsylvania.

Highlights of the Residential Real Estate Transfers Law:

  • Home inspectors are required to be a full member in good standing of a national, not-for-profit home inspection association or must be supervised by someone who is.
  • Members must comply with a code of conduct and attend continuing professional education classes as an ongoing condition of membership.
  • Home inspectors are prohibited from performing repairs on the same house he/she inspected within the preceding 12 months.
  • Home inspectors must maintain insurance against errors and omissions and general liability coverage.
  • Violations of this law amounts to a violation of Pennsylvania's Consumer Protection Law.

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Updated 2/12/18