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Horizon Office Tools

We know the importance of your time and the ability to run your business efficiently. For that reason, the Horizon office tools are provided to you at no additional cost. These tools were developed to enable home inspectors to easily and efficiently manage their business.

Online Booking & Contract Acceptance

Convenience for your clients and agents on your website when you can’t be there to answer the phone. Your clients can read and accept your terms and conditions before the inspection, coupled with email confirmations and report delivery that puts you in control of your business, and makes you look like the professional you are.

Sales Reporting

The sales reporting tool helps you to clearly see how your business is performing. With just a click of a button, reports will be created for you. There is no need for you to build your own reports. The types of reports available include general sales reports, sales broken down by job type, sales broken down by inspector, and reports showing this year’s sales against last year’s sales on a month-to-month basis.

Accounts Receivable

This tool gives you full visibility to see who owes you money and stores their contact information, making it easy for you to follow up with them.

Marketing to Clients and Agents

You are able to generate Excel exports of your client and agent databases. With these exports, Horizon provides a number of unique reports such as a list of which agents used you for the first time and what agents have recently stopped using you.

Archiving System

With Horizon’s archiving system, the work order is integrated with the report. This makes it easy if you receive follow-up calls and questions. The system also archives photos that are included in the report. This information will be at your fingertips, when are where you need it.

Integrated Scheduling System

Make your life simpler with this integrated scheduling system, which includes everything you need to keep your appointments organized, all in one place. The system also features online appointment booking, interactive maps, contract management, and client information, along with other time-saving features.