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Take Control of Your Future with Realty Connection

If you’ve already partnered with a broker to sponsor your license, then you’re ahead of the game! If you haven’t yet, don’t worry. Brightwood Real Estate Education would like to introduce you to a free online tool designed to pair brokers with aspiring agents, called Realty Connection.

Realty Connection allows you to search for and connect with real estate companies in your community that are actively seeking new agents to grow their business. This powerful career-launching tool puts your future in your hands.

You can easily compare brokers side-by-side to find the best fit for you, your strengths, and your interests. Realty Connection has all of the information you are looking for, including commission splits offered, education and support services offered, advice, reviews, and testimonials from other agents. While conducting your research, you can connect with brokers to ask questions and gather more information, all while remaining anonymous through the Realty Connection platform.

We encourage you to click the button below and register with Realty Connection for FREE to begin your broker search today!