Kaplan University School of Professional and Continuing Education Kaplan University School of Professional and Continuing Education

Student Focused Education

You're the Focus of Everything We Do!

Every day when Kaplan employees get up and start work, it is for one reason – to make your student experience better. We believe that our integrity lies in helping you achieve your educational goals.  That’s why, at Kaplan, you’ll find that your student experience comes first.

We want you to be able to achieve aspirations, become providers in your community, and to your families. Kaplan’s education gives you the power to do just that. We’re bringing education to where you are and giving it to you in the palm of your hands. And we’re developing ways to gauge how you are learning and how we can improve it.

Education is about empowerment. We’re empowering you to launch a new career, learn new ways to strengthen your skills so you can bring even more to your industry.

We are not just providing you education today, we’re with you every step of the way, as a Kaplan Student you can rely on us to be your lifelong education partner.

"Your school - it’s the best! Great instructors and caring staff gave me an experience of a lifetime. I love Kaplan!"        

Myron S.