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Washington 90-Hour First Renewal Package

Washington 90-Hour First Renewal Package

Price: $369.00

Credit Hours: 90

Satisfy your mandatory postlicensing requirement with this engaging 90-hour package.

Take control of your success with a postlicensing package from Kaplan Real Estate Education. Our complete packages not only fulfill your state-required hours of approved education, but they offer a variety of current course topics and industry-leading content. Discover the most affordable and efficient way to complete your education with Kaplan!

Package Includes:

Washington 30-Hour Advanced Real Estate Practices (Online)—Your education doesn’t end once you acquire your broker’s license.This mandatory, 30-hour, online course is all-new with up-to-date content and a refreshed format that reinforces learning and retention. The course covers topics that are most important to a newly licensed broker in Washington, including agency relationships, conflict resolution techniques, provisions of landlord-tenant laws, and how to conduct a short sale.

Washington Real Estate Law (Online)—Satisfy Washington’s real estate law postlicensing education requirement with this comprehensive course. Explore a variety of issues, from the role of brokers and managers in agency relationships to the elements of a contract. In addition to covering general legal concepts, you will also learn about more current topics, such as errors and omissions insurance and Washington's Consumer Protection Act. This course features an engaging survey of the most pressing legal issues you need to know.

Current Issues in Washington Residential Real Estate (Online)—Keep up with the latest developments in Washington Real Estate Law, including current legislative and legal updates, REO sales, social media guidelines, fair housing issues, property management, and more. This is a yearly course requirement.

Water: How it Affects Property (OnDemand)—In this course, you will learn how to effectively guide your clients in making appropriate decisions concerning buying, selling, and assessing properties in which water is involved. By the end of this course, you will be able to answer the following questions and more: “What are the risks of a pond on the property?” “Does a rain garden increase the value of a property?” “Can those cattails be cleared for a better view of the lake?”

Liars, Cheaters, and Thieves: Averting Client Catastrophe (OnDemand)—This course illuminates the issues that create problems in real estate transactions. You will learn to identify what constitutes negligence, and when it is fraud. You’ll sharpen your understanding of what happens when a client makes a Breach of Contract claim, and how to avoid misleading statements that can have disastrous ramifications for you, your client, and your business. Prepare for real-life real estate and avoid risky business mistakes in this essential course.

The Twenty Most Cost-Effective Home Improvements (OnDemand)—This online video course is your guide to 20 home improvements that maximize resale value. You’ll learn where the money goes in a typical remodeling job, and how much is spent on kitchen and bathroom remodeling, plumbing, HVAC, roofing and more. You’ll get many ideas to help you communicate with clients and customers about value-added improvements.

Millennials: Challenging the Traditional Real Estate Model (OnDemand)—This course examines the factors driving today’s real estate market. The instructor will take you beyond the newspaper headlines to illustrate how the former driving factors of real estate no longer apply, as millennial buyers outpace baby boomers (previously the largest real estate buyer group). You will learn how millennials—today’s largest real estate market—buy, sell, rent, strategize, and communicate. Learn how you can better serve this new leading population of clients.

Today's Real Estate Event Marketing (OnDemand)—Reach your creative potential with this innovative course. Incorporating real-life case studies, from open houses to social media, this course teaches you to think bigger while still following the laws that regulate in-person and digital advertising. From the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) policy on deceptive advertisements to applications of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA), this course covers the latest legal guidelines.

Solving the Downpayment Dilemma (OnDemand)—How can you help more people realize the dream of owning a home? By solving the down payment dilemma. In this course, you will explore the concepts and innovative programs that make that dream come true. This course explores how to crowdfund a down payment, how to qualify for state and federal low down payment programs, as well as how to find and reach customers who need down payment assistance.