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Kaplan University School of Professional and Continuing Education Kaplan University School of Professional and Continuing Education

Washington 90-Hour First Renewal Package

Washington 90-Hour First Renewal Package

Price: $369.00

Credit Hours: 90

Key Points:

Complete 30 hours of CE with this convenient package!

To maintain your license, you must continue to learn and meet new education requirements every year. This package will ensure that you have the necessary credit hours to maintain your license. It contains all of the necessary education requirements for your second and subsequent license renewals. Included in the package is the new 3-hour Current Issues in Washington Residential Real Estate course combined with the 27 hours of OnDemand elective CE topics necessary for license renewal.

Online Courses:

Washington 30-Hour Advanced Real Estate Practices (30-Credit Hours, Text-Based Online)—Your education doesn’t end once you acquire your broker’s license. If you are a newly-licensed broker in Washington, you will need to complete this mandatory 30-hour online course to keep your license active… but learning objectives, important terms, unit quizzes and a final exam help make learning easy. The course covers key topics including: Brokerage, Agency, Contracts, Marketing/Negotiating/Closing, Problem Management, Business Practice, Property Management, and other current topics.

Washington 30-Hour Real Estate Law (30-Credit Hours, Text-Based Online)—Understanding Real Estate Law is crucial to any practicing professional in Washington. This mandatory post-licensing course provides a great foundation, covering topics like real estate law and regulation. Content is presented in an interactive and flexible format for greater convenience.

Current Issues in Washington Residential Real Estate (3-Credit Hours, Text-Based Online)—Keep up with the latest developments in Washinton Real estate law, including current legislative and legal updates, REO sales, social media guidelines, fair housing issues, property management, and more. This is a yearly course requirement.

OnDemand Courses:

These courses are delivered in our stunning OnDemand video lecture format. With these OnDemand video lectures, you have the ability to access professional instruction anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection! Filled with studio and “onsite” video learning objectives, these OnDemand courses engage, enlighten, and entertain!

The TRUMP Tax Cut and Jobs Act and its Effect on Real Estate (4-Credit Hours, OnDemand)—​Understand new tax laws and how they affect you and your clients! Tax law is generally complex and confusing for everyone, including real estate agents. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TJCA) is no exception. The objective of this course is not to make real estate licensees into TCJA experts…but rather to provide a sufficient amount of information so that you can identify when an expert attorney or tax counsel are essential to protect your clients. Finally, you will gain valuable information on tax credits, exemptions, and deductions included in the TCJA. This information is essential to you and your business

The Tiny House: Is it a Phase or Craze (4-Credit Hours, OnDemand)—Witness this emerging market segment as you learn about the new world of tiny house living. In The Tiny House: Is it a Phase or Craze?, you’ll learn the origin of the tiny house, different types of tiny houses, the structural elements, costs and considerations, valuation of property, and when a tiny house is considered real property. We’ll also identify financing options specific to the tiny house and introduce you to tiny house communities developing across the country.

All Under one Roof (6-Credit Hours, OnDemand)—You’ll learn how the changing demographics and economics of recent years have influenced desirability for some types of homes over others. You’ll also see what new types of properties are emerging to meet these multi-generational buyer challenges. This course will help you understand the changes and communicate with these buyers and sellers with specialized needs that few agents know how to adequately respond to. You’ll also gain understanding of fair housing areas that warrant attention. This class embraces the complexity of the client’s situation and helps you create new solutions for today’s most complicated buyers and sellers.

Millennials: Challenging the Traditional Real Estate Model (4-Credit Hours, OnDemand)—This course examines the factors driving today’s real estate market. The instructor will take you beyond the newspaper headlines to illustrate how the former driving factors of real estate no longer apply, as millennial buyers outpace baby boomers (previously the largest real estate buyer group). You will learn how millennials—today’s largest real estate market—buy, sell, rent, strategize, and communicate. Learn how you can better serve this new leading population of clients.

Good, Better, Best: When Price, Quality, and Value All Matter (6-Credit Hours, OnDemand)—Learn what does and does not have monetary value in an appraiser’s eyes with a snapshot of the essential tools and assessment methods used to establish the ultimate value of a property. Also, learn where value lies from a cost approach, so you can help your clients identify poor quality in spite of acceptable appearance. Find out what the six surprising low-cost, high-value materials are, what type of siding lasts the longest, and which foundation type will save you the most money in the long run.

How to Measure Real Property (3-Credit Hours, OnDemand)—Real estate licensees, appraisers, assessors, builders, and contractors have specific methods used to measure and describe residential real property. In this engaging course, we’ll clarify the standards and pinpoint common mistakes made in measuring property. You’ll also learn the proper terminology and definitions that even the playing field between agents, appraisers, and lenders who use this value-laden information for many of the decisions made concerning a property. Learn to talk the same talk while more accurately representing the home, as well as enhancing the value you bring to your client with this knowledge.