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Washington 30-Hour Complete CE Package - Online

Washington 30-Hour Complete CE Package - Online
Online Package

Price: $139.00

Credit Hours: 30

Key Points:

Complete 30 hours of CE with this convenient package!

To maintain your license, you must continue to learn and meet new education requirements every year. This package will ensure that you have the necessary credit hours to maintain your license. It contains all of the necessary education requirements for your second and subsequent license renewals. Included in the package is the new 3-hour Current Issues in Washington Residential Real Estate course combined with the 27 hours of OnDemand elective CE topics necessary for license renewal.


Current Issues in Washington Residential Real Estate (3-Credit Hours, Text-Based Online)—Keep up with the latest developments in Washington Real estate law, including current legislative and legal updates, REO sales, social media guidelines, fair housing issues, property management, and more. This is a yearly course requirement.

Understanding Credit and Improving Credit Scores: What You Need to Know (3-Credit Hours, Online Course)—Helping clients improve their credit scores can create a lifelong relationship. From auto and life insurance to mortgage and loan rates, credit scores are the defining element of a client’s overall financial life. Yet most consumers and real estate agents are unfamiliar with the credit scoring process. What passes as common sense—like paying off collection accounts and staying clear of credit cards—can actually lower a score. As more clients appear with damaged credit, agents need to understand how this process works.

Understanding 1031 Tax-Free Exchanges (6-Credit Hours, Online Course)—If you’re buying and selling commercial properties, this course is for you. The exchange of certain types of property may defer the recognition of capital gains or losses due upon sale, and hence defer any capital gains taxes otherwise due. This CE course explores the history, evolution, rules, and forms of the strategy used to defer tax liability until a later date; it includes real-life calculation examples. Loaded with real-life examples and calculations, the course is perfect for both salespersons and brokers. Agents will learn the vocabulary and application of tax-free exchanges so they are better able to answer client questions.

Scams, Scoundrels, and Real Estate Stings (6-Credit Hours, Online Course)—Become an invaluable resource to your client by learning how to spot scammers at the first hint of trouble. Real Estate-related scams have come a long way and are far-reaching. Learn about the newest schemes, like flopping, and how today’s high- and low-tech scammers prey on the unsuspecting. You’ll learn how scams hurt your reputation and the liability that comes with being associated with a real estate scam.

Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Sales (6-Credit Hours, Online Course)—Commercial real estate basics that every agent should know! Commercial real estate is on the move! As commercial real estate investment heats up, many residential agents sit paralyzed with fear about trying something new. If you ever wondered or just want to know more about the commercial side of the business, this course is for you! This popular course provides a comprehensive introduction to the potentially lucrative field of commercial real estate. In this course you will learn how to realize the investment opportunity for various categories of commercial property, including office, retail, industrial, and multiunit residential. You will also explore the financial and tax elements involved in commercial real estate.

The Truth About Mold (6-Credit Hours, Online Course)—Mold is an important topic in the real estate industry today, and you need to understand what it is and what to do when it is found in one of your properties. This course discusses the impact of mold on the real estate industry, and you will learn important information on topics such as remediation, reducing liability, sampling and test kits, health effects of mold, and the differences between mold and other environmental red flags. Learn more about this widely misunderstood topic with updated information on issues relating to mold, as well as how these issues impact the real estate profession.